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Stop telling people that your blog sucks | B2B Blogging Tips

Posted on 22nd November, by Tom Williams in Author - Tom Williams, Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips. 2 Comments

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Does your business blog have social share links for easy social distribution of your content? If so, GREAT!

Does your business blog expose how many people are sharing… or more likely NOT sharing your blog posts?  Hmmmm – not so great.

The fact is, most business blogs do not get shared a lot. Why would you expose that fact to readers who come to your blog? It’s like hanging out a banner that says “Our blog sucks and has no credibility! Please leave without reading.”

You work for a business that sells products and or services to other businesses… I get that. After all, that is what Innogage Digital Marketing is! We sell Digital Marketing Consulting and Business Blogging Technology to help businesses improve website traffic, content marketing, conversion, ROI and more.

Your blog gets traffic but not insane traffic and most readers do not share the content on social networks.  Why? Because you are serving a niche, and a niche – by definition – is not huge. Niches are small and focused. Also, many of your business readers visit your blog, obtain the knowledge they came for and leave happy. They just don’t share your blog with the rest of the world.

If you are currently exposing the number of social shares on your B2B Blog and those numbers are small (0-3 on average) I encourage you to toggle the plugins to hide that number. If you blog does find huge social share success you can always turn it back on again.



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2 Responses to “Stop telling people that your blog sucks | B2B Blogging Tips”

  1. [...] blog gets traffic but not insane traffic and most readers do … Read More » Interactive Digital Marketing | Business Blogging Software | Columbus Ohio | Innogage Google+ [...]

  2. [...] What prospects already know (or think they know) is vital for relevant digital content marketing. In teaching we refer to this as prior knowledge. You don’t want to sound condescending (or worse, irrelevant) by writing constantly about basic information they already know, but you also need to address misconceptions that may prevent prospects from purchasing your product, using your service, or even staying on your website. This can and should be done through writing and visuals. Is your service perceived as expensive and only for the privileged? Explain the true value of a job well done and be clear about everything that’s included in your best package. Is your product considered obscure or niche? Show a diversity of happy customers and how your business can tailor to different needs. Make sure your website looks fresh and well-trafficked. Can’t blog as often as you’d like? Consider removing dates on posts or including a Twitter feed of more frequent updates and stop telling people your blog sucks. [...]

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