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4 important things your business blog should have

Posted on 11th February, by Brice in Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, Business Blogging, SEO Blogging. No Comments

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4 important things your business blog should have

There are plenty of blogs out there that expound on how to write better business blogs or how to put the right links in your small business blog or how lovely to make your content for a home business blog. While these are all great topics, I find very few blogs that talk about what your business blog should actually look like. I’d like to take a moment to look at 4 things to think about when crafting your next blog post. Not all of these things need to be in every post, but working them into your blog now and again will create a powerful overall business blog.

1. It’s Your Catchy Commercial

Most of us remember the super bowl because of its ads. We can remember the ad, sometimes, even better than the company it’s promoting. The first element you want to have in your small business blogging is that it is memorable. Like a commercial that people talk about months later, you are looking to stick in people’s brains after they click out of your website. When blogging for business, it is good to have a plan of attack that involves “stickiness”. Blog well and people will remember it.

2. Social Mingle Zone

The Internet has done some amazing things with connectivity. Not since the colonial marketplace has there been such an ability for consumers to peek in on the personal artifacts of a business. Your Internet business blog can–and should–draw out the inner voyeur in all of us. Give your customers a peek at how you come to a conclusion, establish excellence or treat your employees. The modicum of reveal will empower your clientele to take more ownership and grow in loyalty. Dwell time is a very good thing, so take the queue and when you create a reasonably open blog people will hang out on it.

3. Reliable Resource

Don’t be too humble when blogging for business. You are an expert in your business. Let people see that, let them come to be comfortable with that. With the reach that the internet has, it is more than reasonable to believe that not everyone in your blogging audience is knowledgeable about the topic. Populate your blog with researched and helpful facts, legitimate links and real world anecdotes about those facts being used in your industry. Do the extra work to make your blog factually helpful and people will believe in it.

4. Beacon for Google

You might think that starting a business blog is a bunch of fluff and not worth the time and energy it takes to do well. Consider that a well tended and well written blog is like highly sugared candy. Now consider that google, yahoo and the other top search engines are little children. My kids have an innate sense of what is candy and what is not. Search Engines have the same sweet sensor. A well crafted blog–one that has been populated with SEO keywords–is your best way to get to the top of the lists on a consistent basis. When blogging for SEO people will find it.

If you have questions about starting a business blog, want to look into blogging for SEO or need a resource like Innoblogs collaborative blogging software to help you make powerful content for your company, then contact us either by this link or the banner below. Innoblogs is a resource that makes doing the things above easier, systematic and fun. That way you can create a killer business blog and still have time to do your business.

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