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5 Fundamental Questions to Answer When Blogging for Business

Posted on 15th September, by Tom Williams in Blogging Tips, Business Blogging. No Comments

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5 Fundamental Questions to Answer When Blogging for Business

We talk a lot about content and the value of quality content in this blog. When it comes to business blogging the charge is more than just good content. If you need a high bar set for your home business blog or content marketing, you can always strive to be a thought leader.

If you want to be a thought leader in your industry there is a simple approach:

Have an opinion…

and then share it.

Of course, it’s easy enough to say: be the best teacher in the world and your customers will love you. But the truth is- that takes a lifetime of effort. But now that the bar has been set, how do we reach for greatness in a hairsbreadth of time?

As with most things, the fundamentals are a good place to start. Let’s look at five simple questions that, when answered, will set you head and shoulders above your competition. And with that kind of start, you’re bound to become a thought leader.

Who, What, Why, When, and How:

TED talks have convinced most of us that the “Why” is the first question you must answer. So, let’s start with that and then move through the rest.

Why: You could create content for about thirty posts just on this question alone. Answering this will be the best and most difficult thing you can do for your business. Your business blog will be ripe with great material just getting to the answer, let alone the AHA moment your blogging audience will share with you when you finally achieve it. The struggle to find your why will enlighten your customers to the passion you have for bettering your business, engage them to be better themselves and begin to set you apart as that thought leader we’re aiming for.

Who: Jumping back to the top of our list, the who is imperative when blogging for business. If you don’t have your audience in mind, your writing will fall flat and never take your small business blog to the heights you want. By visualizing your blogging audience as you write, you are better able to stay on track to build the platform you need. Remember that it is the who in this equation that will ultimately lift you to leader status.

What: You may think the answer to what it is that you do is an all too simple one. Consider that most people probably don’t really know what you do day in and day out. Articulating the details that make your job one of a kind will help you draw out the reasons people should use your business at the same time as helping fill your blogging SEO checklist. You’d be amazed at how what you think is common knowledge will be powerful to your business blogs’ readers. Take a cue from other thought leader’s: being able to articulate what you do is the best way to make your day significant.

When: This one might not be as high on the list of drivers, but having relevant content is not only a good idea, but it is a great way to keep the company of leaders. Your calendar can be an ally in your internet business blog. Special dates, holidays, even events around the world can all be a great catalyst for generating content as well as making your blogging for business cutting edge.

The last question to ask when building your business blog is How. How you do business, how you create your blog, how you mine for content… these answers are all important to your small business blog or home business blog because it is where the rubber meets the road. While it’s true; most of the answers to this question aren’t for your blogging audience, the answers will serve as a strong backbone for your business blogging while helping you stay on track toward becoming a true thought leader.

Go back to the fundamentals and use them to share your opinion with the world. Who knows, you might even lead a few others with your thinking.

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