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Amazing breakthrough Blogging Technology with Ecommerce!

Posted on 29th June, by Tom Williams in Business Blogging, Corporate Blogs, Video Blogs. 11 Comments

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You may think there isn’t much new in the world of blogging. After all, blogging has been around for about 10 years now and everyone is familiar with the basics. However, I recently discovered a new type of business blogging technology that is not only mobile and extremely portable but includes revolutionary commenting functionality as well as Ecommerce!  You have got to watch this video – it will change your life!


Paper Blogs – Amazing Breakthrough! from TOM WILLIAMS on Vimeo.

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11 Responses to “Amazing breakthrough Blogging Technology with Ecommerce!”

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tom Williams, InnoGage. InnoGage said: New Blog! Amazing breakthrough Blogging Technology with Ecommerce!: I recently discovered a new type of blogging t… [...]

  2. StraderSpiel says:

    So awesome! You forgot to highlight the environmental stewardship since I’m sure that paper blog was printed on 100% recycled paper…obviously web blogs aren’t printed on recycled paper. Win for paper blogs!

  3. If I want to retweet it, do I have to cage a bird? I guess I could use old “posts” to line the cage…

  4. If I want to post it on Facebook, do I need to stop at a scrapbooking store?

    I could do this all day…

  5. If I want to Digg it, do I need a shovel?

    OK I’m done.

  6. If I want it to be Delicious, do I need to eat it?

    I’m not really done, apparently.

  7. If I want it LinkedIn, do I need chains?


  8. If I want to review it on Yelp, do I need to kick a puppy?

    That one doesn’t even make sense. You can’t review a blog on Yelp.

    I’m REALLY done now. Thanks for sharing, Tom :)

  9. Nate Riggs says:

    @cheryl – OK that last one was funny. ROFL ;-D

  10. Jacob Stoops says:

    @cheryl I don’t know about a puppy, but you can kick my dog.

    @tom This is a pretty hilarious video. Gave me a good laugh!

  11. Absolutely hilarious!

    Nice job Tom.

    @Cheryl Nice work yourself.

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