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The Biggest Search Engine Optimization Mistake

Posted on 22nd October, by kristen carter in Business Blogging, ROI. No Comments

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By Kristen Carter

A few days ago Stephen Chapman wrote a fascinating blog on what he deemed the one mistake CEOs make about search engine optimization. What is that mistake? It’s that many CEOs spend so much time focusing on getting their keywords ranked highly on search engines that they never consider if their SEO strategy is increasing leads or conversion for their business. This is a problem because having a keyword rank highly is only good if it translates to increased ROI. This is particularly an issue when CEOs become attached to specific keywords, and instead of trusting SEO experts, they insist that one word or phrase is vital to their business and MUST be ranked highly.

Chapman points out that of course there is a plethora of search engine optimization agencies who will gladly take your money and make sure that any CEO’s list of keywords are ranked highly. However, in order to truly have a successful SEO strategy you must take the time to find a knowledgeable, trustworthy search engine optimization team. Then, (here comes the hard part) you need to forget any preconceived notions of SEO, and let your SEO team focus on conversion and increasing your ROI.

Of course, with all this being said, typically higher rankings equals more traffic. But what good is more traffic if it does not equal more conversion? Thus, Chapman concludes by stating that you need to seek out an SEO team that you can trust and then allow that SEO team to not only maximize your search engine rankings, but also your ROI.

Visit Chapman’s blog post on Search engine optimization for more information.

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