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Blog Coordination Tools for Business

Posted on 14th August, by Drew Dillon in Blog Strategy, Blogging 101, Blogging Tips, Business Blogging. 1 Comment

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Organizing a blog that has a number of contributors is not an easy task. There are a few keys you need to have in place before you can be truly successful.

When I first was assigned the task of organizing employees to write content for a blog it reminded me a lot of coaching. As with coaching, you must be organized, have a plan, and bring energy to the task at hand. It isn’t easy writing each week for your employer, and one tip is to really align your team with their passions. It will be so much easier  for you to do your job around creating content if you employees are excited to write. Here is a list of organizational “must-haves”!

List of Topics - I have seen the most success when the blog team meets and builds this together at the beginning of each quarter. Enter into the meeting with the strategic goals of the business in hand. Identify top categories that are relevent to the strategic goals… are they the same as the last quarter? Any new ones? Any that you are moving away from? Google Docs is a great home for this quarterly list. But don’t discount the power of building it together.

Editorial Calendar - I used to think this was for the blog leader. I was dead wrong. Have your blog team select the categories they are most passionate about and let them create their own calendar! You will get terrible blogs if you try to force a blogger to create material for an area they just have no interest. Trust me on this… Passion Connects!

Editing Notifications - This can be as simple as having your author email you the saved draft. However, if you are working in wordpress or any other blogging platform you can just save the draft and have your author email you to go in and review it. I have seen this get confusing at times when there are a lot of authors involved. I must mention Innoblogs which has these tools built into the core. The notifications are a life saver and yes I do work for them. I wouldn’t support it if I didn’t use it and it wasn’t helpful.

Editing and Review Process - This is all on the blog leader or maybe even set editors if you are lucky enough to have this option. Edit the blog and add the polish you need to publish.

Publishing - You would think this would be as simple as pressing publish. However, I warn you to have your links checked, meta info set on everything, and then prep the social media promotion. The social media promotion can go smooth if you have developed a good plan prior and can just plug-in the link and let the magic happen. I love tools like hootsuite for this task.


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