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3 Types of small business blogs to beat your competition

Posted on 30th January, by Brice in Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, Content Marketing. No Comments

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3 Types of small business blogs to beat your competition

How do you get ahead of your competition with your blogging SEO? My family’s dinner ritual might have an answer…

We play a game every night at the dinner table. We each have to ask a question for everyone to answer. A popular question from my kids starts with, “What’s your favorite…?” Every time I try to answer the “favorite” question I find myself creating qualifications and contingencies. For example: favorite cookie? Well, during the holidays, it’s Russian teacakes. In the summertime, I love frosted sugar cookies. With my cup of hot tea, you can’t beat shortbread.

This same subdivision of favorites can be put to work for your small business blogging.  Just as my favorite cookie depends on the situation, your blog can benefit from timing and circumstances. Having different launching pads that you use can breathe life into your blogging at various times can freshen even the dullest content.

There are three major kinds of blogs that will help set you apart from your competition. You can format your entire blog in one of these styles or create a series of posts that use each of the styles interchangeably. No matter how you use them, by sprinkling a little of each of these three styles throughout your small business blog, you are bound to create a killer business blog that appeals to your blogging audience, garners the kind of SEO you are looking for and makes your site a destination people keep coming back to.

The first in my list of favorite blog styles is the informative blog. This is the easiest style to write and is probably what you are already using for your business blogs. Informative style allows you to build reliable credibility with your blog. By adding worthwhile material about your industry, your business, the kind of work you do or the kind of problems you answer for your clients, you are creating an informative blog. By blogging about these things consistently, you are adding credibility to your business. And, if you are blogging for SEO, the informative style is a perfect framework.

Another great way to reach your blogging audience with worthwhile and powerful material is to have an instructional blog post or tips and tricks blog. This style is one of the hardest to maintain and build material for simply because you really need to know what you are talking about to educate someone else. However, an instructional blog can rocket your small business blog into star status because of how quickly people view you as an authority when you provide educational information. You should try to post something instructional on your home business blog or internet business blog at least once a month. As an added bonus, in the course of a year you will have a 12 chapter “How-To” E-book already written!

The last style, and my favorite, is the personal style blog. Being personal is how small businesses build customer loyalty and create success above and beyond their competitors. With the faster-than-thought world of the internet a little human element is becoming a powerful tool. It reaches people in a visceral way that cyber copy can’t. By strategically allowing your blogging audience to view “private” aspects of your business, you can give your small business blogging a shot of adrenaline. But be careful: it’s one thing to post about your favorite cookie, quite another to berate a client you can’t stand. Using personal but appropriate anecdotes will walk that line that your clients will find refreshing.

By incorporating one or a mixture of these styles in your home business blog or small business blog, you can gather a reader base ready to jump at the next thing you have to say.

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