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Content Marketing Builder Part 1 | Variety is the Spice of Life

Posted on 15th January, by Brice in Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, Content Marketing. No Comments

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Content Marketing Builder Part 1 | Variety is the Spice of Life

Innogage is a content marketing company. We help small to mid range businesses with their content creation, business blogging and managing content marketing. Since this is our world, we thought that it would be a good thing to share some of the better lessons we have learned through the years.

For this first installment of the Content Marketing Builder series keeping content fresh & vibrant felt like a great place to start. So let’s just jump into the conversation about building the content you plan to use in your business:

Variety of content is your biggest asset when building your online content marketing platform. There are two major reasons to keep the topics moving and fresh: 1) your blogging audience and 2) the SEO bots. The first is kind of a no-brainer. People get bored fast. By recharging your blog every fourth or fifth post, you can keep readers wanting more. And the SEO bots are getting more sophisticated every day. By changing the tempo, they’ll have trouble pushing you to the bottom of the charts. That means you’ll end up higher on organic searches–and stay there.

But what are some ways to build variety into your business blogging? By no means exhaustive, this list will get the conversation started. Put your ideas in the comments if I’ve not listed them here:

Come at it from different angles: In the article writing industry they call it a “new spin”. Reworking an old content marketing blog post to: say something different, highlight another aspect of the same topic, or be more relevant.  This can not only make the creation of content a breeze; but it scratches the other side of your readers’ heads.

innogage exploded viewBlow apart your work day: You probably cover far more aspects in a single day than you ever touch on when you’re blogging for business. There’s more than just one thing you do.  Try varying between two or three aspects of your business to keep it fresh. War stories from sales; humorous tales from customer service; even that epic journey through IT can all help your content marketing feel more alive. Plus, the new material will supercharge your SEO since the material will not match anything else out there.

Shop it out: One sure-fire way to push your online content marketing out of its box is to have someone else write for a few posts. Get a guest blogger to post something. Keep it loose and edit sparingly. The change of cadence will round out your overall blog. Don’t have any ghost writers lurking about? How about an employee? Or, perhaps one of your closer customers or even a favorite vendor? Not only will this help strengthen your relationship, but the chance to see their work “out there” can become a huge motivator to say positive things about your company.

Leverage your creative license: This needs to be done sparingly and with a significant amount of restraint, but if you think you are up for the challenge making a persona can do two major things: first, it can help you relate to your audience better. By fabricating an identity to write “for you” means you speak your audience’s language without compromising your brand. Second, the unique approach to the content you are creating can allow you to cover ground that otherwise might never be reached. Consider writing from the perspective of your customer, a key vendor, your janitor, sales rep, neighbor, etc.

Be sure to comment with your thoughts on building creative content marketing, and stay tuned for the next post. In the meantime, contact the innogage innoblogs team to get started with our powerful content marketing system and to learn more about how content marketing can help your business.

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