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Content Marketing Builder Part 2 | The Value of How To’s

Posted on 30th January, by Brice in Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, Content Marketing. No Comments

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Content Marketing Builder Part 2 | The Value of How To’s

If you are like me you spent most of your childhood glued to the TV set. Despite all the varied content available–even back then, my favorite type of program was the Do It Yourself show. As it turns out, there are a few things that Bob Vila, Hometime, and HGTV can teach us with regards to the creation of content when blogging for business. Creating content with “How To” steps and instructions can be a fantastic way of increasing dwell time, setting you apart as an expert in your field, and getting traffic to your site.

PBS had it right; people love to learn something new. By adding instructional elements to your web content marketing, you create a powerful driver. Nothing builds dwell time like people camping out on your site, learning how to gain an edge on their competition, access a certain program or do something you, as a professional, know how to do.  It sets you apart as an expert in ways simple blogging cannot.  By providing this level of education, you significantly enhance your business.

There are a few things to consider when dabbling in the world of How To, however. To help, I’ve set this up like all those DIY shows I love; step by step instructions.

Step 1 : Find a reason.  Before you do anything, stop to think about what topics your content marketing tips blog should tackle. You can start with the things your clients always ask you about. Insider information like this is a great way to “show your hand” and invite the client into your confidence–building trust along the way.

Step 2 : Make sure it’s legit.  Gaining clients’ confidence through content creation can only happen if what you’re presenting is legitimate. Remember, this doesn’t need to be ground breaking or revolutionary to be of value. Some of the things you deem as mundane might be lifesavers to your audience, so keep the tips within reach and, as always, legal.

Step 3 : Do your research.  If your How To is going to be worth viewing, commenting on, and tweeting about (the goal of all good online content marketing), then you’d better fill it full of information. This is why sticking to topics that you deal with everyday is a good idea. As a professional, you should already know how to do what you’re wanting to teach. Not sure what you know? Try asking your co-workers, employees or customers what they think you can help them with.

Step 4 : Create an outline.  Whether you’ve taught others before or not, a good rule of thumb is to outline the steps someone, without your knowledge or experience, should take to do the task you’re explaining. Take into consideration that your How To shouldn’t require the years of experience or special training you have to accomplish. But, do list any special equipment or techniques they might want to use.

Step 5 : Establish pockets of SEO potential.  Don’t miss this opportunity to capture the attention of those search bots. Sprinkle the How To with important SEO keywords and phrases to make sure your blog is getting noticed. Whenever you’re managing content marketing you should have this thought–along with the list of keywords–in the back of your mind. This is where a blogging software like innoblogs can really help.

Step 6 : Produce the How To.  Now we come to the meat of the matter. Consider which platform you’re going to use (YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter or your digital content marketing blog) and format the steps in your outline to match the medium. Write a script or a post and create the step by step.  Have fun with it and keep it professional.

Step 7 : Point people to it.  Depending on how good the How To is, you might want to consider making it a destination for your website or marketing collateral.  If you find you’re a natural at it, you could make it a monthly newsletter item, ongoing publication or even viral content.  Tell everyone you meet about it.  And, when your client’s ask you that same question that gave you the idea for the How To, now you can send them a link that will blow them away.

Creating a How To can be a daunting task, so start with a simple or easy thing to explain. As with any content creation, your ally is quantity, as well as quality; meaning that your first few How To’s don’t need to be incredible to be valuable. So get started and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Innogage is a content marketing and business blogging company. Follow the link for more information on how our proprietary software innoblogs can help you build your business through strategic blogging.


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