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Business Blogging for Trust in 2 Simple Steps

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It is a simple formula… truthful thoughts + fans’ best interests = TRUST

All too often, we want the “magic pill” that will give us great blogging results without having to follow the proven path of trust. You know the magic pill… the “8 minute workout”… the “lose fat without changing anything in your lifestyle”… you know that pill…

Here two things that you must do at the start to building trust with your blog readers.

  • 1. Have a purpose and write it down

What is the purpose of your product, organization, or service? What problem does it all solve for the user, or what problem does it help the user avoid? Write these down and use them as your guide. Write your blog to help your reader see your point of view, see your passion for how you can help, and why your product, service, and organization are worth their attention.

  • 2. Review your purpose – often

Writing down a goal has an effect that is hard to quantify. Share it with those close to you. Review it often. Let this purpose be your guiding light through tough times because times will get tough.

I have seen these two tasks mentioned by a number of business leaders. More recently I was reminded of them by Michael Hyatt in his latest book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

As for trust, when it comes to building a “tribe” or having someone provide you “permission” to market to them, these links will give you more more more!

I hope this helps… I will continue with a couple more to-do’s that will continue to drive you on the path of building trust next week!

-Drew Dillon

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