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Unlimited blogsEvery time I read about a content management system, I inevitably see the value proposition of creating an unlimited number of blogs. On the surface that seems great right?  However, in terms of business blogs – is it?

Let me ask you this – who wants to create an unlimited number of blogs? Most of us can’t even get one business blog to work effectively. Instead of creating a lot of blogs that don’t work, focus on creating one blog that does work. Here are a few things your blogging software should do for you:

  • Make the content strategy clear to all writers
  • Suggest topics of interest
  • Permit many writers while maintaining control
  • Enable real Search Engine Optimization (on the keywords YOU are trying to own)
  • Take care of the heavy lifting in terms of cross linking, tagging…etc.
  • Help your readers take an action step towards YOUR goals

If your business blog isn’t helping you achieve the list above, you’ve probably got the wrong business blogging software.  Don’t worry about creating unlimited blogs – just create one really really good blog.

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