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Are business blogs with high bounce rates good or bad?

Posted on 30th November, by Tom Williams in Analytics, Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, Business Blogging, Writing for the web. 1 Comment

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With your business blog, you need to be careful how you interpret the bounce rate. It’s very different than your traditional website – where you want people to go from page to page, filling up their shopping carts or browsing all the different products and services that you have to offer.

Bounce Rate for BlogsBlogs traditionally have very high bounce rates because of the nature of how a blog works. As more and more people find your business blog from keywords in posts, they will begin landing on specific blog post pages (not the blog homepage). From here, there are several scenarios. Here are a few:

1) they continue reading through your business blog and go through a lot of posts. This may be fine – i.e. it builds the brand, people like your content…etc. However, it could also be bad if they are cruising around your business blog because they can’t find the information they are looking for.   Thus they may be “hunting” through your business blog for information.

2) they find exactly the information they were looking for and bounce from your business blog. This may not be a bad thing.  It’s actually very common in corporate blogging. If your readers find what they are looking for quickly and then leave, chances are, they’ll be back for more.

3) they don’t find what they are looking for and bounce from your business blog. This is clearly not good and may have happened for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps your Blog title was misleading or your content was confusing or hard to understand.  This could also be indicative of a poor (or lacking ) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.  If you are not actively writing about content in your niche or the keywords in your blog don’t reflect the true nature of your business blog, then Google may serve up your corporate blog to the wrong searchers.  Lastly, at the risk of sounding harsh, your content may just stink.  No one wants to read crap content.

4) they find a post and then either (through the widgets or links in your text) “bounce” to your dotcom site to purchase product, sign up for a newsletter, surf your dotcom…etc.  This is great.  Ultimately you should want your readers to “convert” from your corporate blog in some way.  I doubt very seriously that any business bloggers are writing for altruistic reasons.  Whether you want your readers to purchase product, sign up for your newsletter or join your Facebook Fan page – you want them to convert and many times conversion and bouncing are synonymous.

If you think about the website that has the worst bounce rate of them all… It’s Google!  Think about it – If Google’s bounce rate were low, it would be because people were not finding what they were looking for.  Additionally, if you have loyal readers, they will increase the bounce rate on your business blog because they are typically up-to-speed on your content.  They simply visit your corporate blog, read the new post and then get on with their day.

So… before you freak out that your business blog bounce rate is north of 80%, do a little searching to figure out why people are bouncing from your blog and where they are going.  Google Analytics has all the tools you need.  Look at the keywords that brought people to your site.  If they are ridiculous, you have an Search Engine Optimization problem and may need some business blogging software to help you out.  Look at the exit pages… are there certain pages everyone leaves from?  Track clicks on your conversion points – are people “bouncing” to locations you want them to go to?

If you have specific questions on this, just drop me a comment.

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