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Business Blogging – Building Trust One Step at a Time

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Last week I put together what I feel are the first two steps to building trust when it comes to business blogging. “Purpose” gives us direction, and its connotation to me

business blogging building trust

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portrays a reason why others would want to trust you. They believe in your purpose, and they are either striving to go in the direction you are creating too or would like to see you succeed in your purpose. A purpose in a business plan is something people can connect to emotionally and believe in at a deeper level.

Here is the next step…

Appear “polished” when people are looking.

How does “polish” build trust you may ask… Have you ever been to a site where you can tell they shot the images themselves? How about their headshots? Or do they not have a head shot somewhere on their blog? That doesn’t seem very professional now does it… That is polish.

There are certain things when building a business blog and when building a business you should not go the cheap route. Namely, any part of you product or service that is going to be giving an impression to the prospective customer.

The short list:

  1. Website/blog design
  2. Images on the website/blog
  3. Headshots
  4. Product pictures
  5. Business Cards

I could go on for a while. First impressions matter in building trust! Without a trustworthy first impression you may never get the opportunity to share anything with your prospect. So please please please… atleast check out these great services to help you.

Trust building products and services:

Quick and “inexpensive” (NOT CHEAP) design – 99designs

A collaborative business blogging platform – Innoblogs (disclaimer – yes this is one of our products… but it wouldn’t be on this list if I didn’t believe in it and use it myself)

Headshots – Craigslist (there are a lot of great photographers that use Craigslist to being in side work… protect yourself by asking for a portfolio and references)


Innoblogs Request a demo of Innoblogs!

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