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Business Blogging on Digital 411 – Talktainment Internet Radio: Tom Williams Guest

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Tom and Lori on Digital 411I recently had a chance to be a guest on Digital 411 on Talktainment Internet Radio with Dr. Erika.  It was a complete blast and I thoroughly enjoyed talking about one of my most favorite topics: Business Blogging and how it relates to return on investment, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

On the Digital 411 show with me was Lori Crock from WrittenImpact.  Lori helps companies and entrepreneurs succeed in social media including blogging strategically, sprinkled in with a lot of coaching.

It was a really good discussion with a lot of tips for small and medium sized businesses.  If you’d like to listen to the radio show you can hit the archive link here.  It will be well worth your time!!

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2 Responses to “Business Blogging on Digital 411 – Talktainment Internet Radio: Tom Williams Guest”

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  2. Kimberly Gohringer says:

    Hi, Tom: Enjoyed the show and all the great info. Do you have any additional tips for micropreneurs wanting to sell products from their blog? I’m not sure where to start – but heard that both FB and Google Checkout offer options. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Kim

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