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Business Blogging for B2B : Part 2 | 7 Tips for successful content

Posted on 26th July, by Brice in Blogging Tips, Business Blogging, Writing for the web. No Comments

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Business Blogging for B2B : Part 2 | 7 Tips for successful content

In our previous post about business blogging for B2B we covered wisdom of vetting your content to a sustainable group of employees and writers. We also established that ‘story’ is paramount when creating powerful content for your small business blog. So by now you should have a story, writers and your business blogging software ready to go. What now?

No matter how great your story is, the story, in-and-of itself, can only go so far. To get the most mileage for your brand, you’ll need to have a few other tricks up your sleeve. Here are 7 tools to take your story to new heights:

Timeliness – Look at any Calendar and you will see something worth commenting on every month. Creating posts a few days out from holidays, seasonal changes or Hallmark holidays, you can drive traffic to your site by way of timely posts. You may need to interject these pieces into your editorial calendar in advance to make sure your content is  relating to current events

Relevance – This should be a given if you hope to entertain your readers, but; keep your blogging audience in mind when blogging for business. If your company does IT for mid sized businesses, don’t create posts about decorating for the Christmas party, or rant about the 50 reasons you hate slow drivers. Keep the topic to the point of your business. You can comment from that platform, but you don’t want to stray too far from home when doing so.

Proximity – Most small businesses see their home-town size as a liability. The problem with this thinking is that there is a wealth of loyalty that can be gained when you can provide local details within your small business blog. It humanizes your business and gives people an element of ownership that you might lose otherwise.

Prominence – When you follow relevant issues such as Presidential speeches, industry trends, technological developments and other key points of interest, you do two things for your internet business blog: 1. you create an automatic topic tree and 2. your blog begins to ride the wake of these elements. This ride then creates instant popularity for your blog.

Usefulness – If you are planning on spending any time adding to the content that is already circulating this great web of information, then do everyone a favor and please make it helpful! Consider this the YOU-tility side of content marketing. It’s all about bringing value, not just empty content. Tips and tricks, How to’s and Factoids all add to your small business blog usefulness.

Human Interest – Bring a few real world anecdotes into your writing. Keep the tone light and optimistic, but you can be a little humorous and even snarky, if your audience is responsive to that sort of thing. Sales horror stories, good deeds feelgood moments, historical events and even a quick read on how you do certain things in your company can have an impact on your readers far deeper and binding than all the marketing content in the world. If you can connect with people’s emotions and deposit something poignant, funny or informative at the same time, you’ve got a great post.

Customer Highlights – Write about your customers! Ask them for a fun 3 to 5 question interview. Most customer’s are flattered that you would ask them to be involved. It’s a great win-win because they love your company and will push your content through their channels while getting some publicity themselves. Just be sure to ask your customers before you cover them. There are times they want to keep their vendors (and what you are selling or supplying them) a competitive secret. You will also want to shoot them a proof before going live with the post, just to make sure you got it down correctly.

There are probably just as many other ways of building your small business or home business blog, so please share what other ways you are finding content to blog about. And, as always, if you want to make your blogging even easier, check out innoblogs, our proprietary blogging software. Or just contact us with your questions. We’re happy to help you improve your content any way we can.


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