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Business Blogging – The System of Consistency

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Writers block happens even if you know how to blog. All to often though it can be the dagger that slowly cuts you away from your consistency. Google and other search engines love fresh content on any blog, but most importantly your readers will return more often if you can produce good consistent content! I’m going to highlight some great tips I’ve gathered through my time writing. If you’re looking for a book to dig into more I would recommend Michael Hyatt’s book Platform. It’s perfect for a how to blog guide.

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I have started a number of blogs. I have only had one that was very successful, but it was also tied to a project that was only set to happen for 3 months. However, in this 3 months I was the most consistent I had ever been, and was able to get 3 to 4 posts out a week! Here is what helped me with my business blogging.

  1. Personal Stories – I’m using this one as I type this blog. It is a great way to think back and connect readers with experiences that could provide them something that no one else has because its unique to you.
  2. Reviewing something relevant to your readers – This is perfect for business blogs. Reviewing a product or service needs to be very honest. If you connect a reader to a product that helps them your trust relationship just grew!
  3. Current events – Is there something in the news that is relevant to the goal of your blog. This is a great way to find inspiration on what is shaping the environment of you and your tribe.
  4. Step-by-step Guides – This can be as easy. Take something you know how to do and turn it into a 5 step guide. Bonus points – a guide to something trending in the media… people will be searching for guides!
  5. Responding to questions – Do you ever have clients ask you questions? Of course you do! Use this opportunity to spin them into writing mojo.
These 5 simple things can and will push you through the times when you feel you just don’t care to write on a corporate blog. Also, use these techniques to help with your topic list and build out a content calendar. If you make that a weekly habit you will fly through posts and get better at writing with each one!
Now let me ask you…. what has helped with your writers block? Any tips and tricks I can learn from too?
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