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Business Blogging Tip #2: Get R.I.C.E. – Relevance, Interactivity, Context, Ease of use

Posted on 25th August, by blog expert in Business Blogging. 1 Comment

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There was a great blog post recently by g2mSolutions, an Australian based consultancy helping clients improve their inbound marketing and overall sales funnels.  These guys got my attention by showing interest in our InnoBlogs product as a tool for Inbound Marketing.  Since then we have developed a friendship and were actually mentioned in this blog post.



Here is a cut from Chris Fell’s write up about the power of business blogs.  He calls out 4 ways to ensure success short-labeled as R.I.C.E. which stands for Relevance, Interactivity, Context and Ease of use.  In this great post he also discusses the power of business blogging.  You can read a teaser from his post below, but for the whole meal, I highly encourage you to visit the full post on Chris’s blog.

So we have established the case for eMarketing and have outlined some key principles behind effective eContent. Here are some guidelines to help establish one of the most successful eContent tools you will encounter; business blogging. Blogging is in the top two or three most successful tools for eMarketers. Business blogging has gone mainstream. It is no longer the preserve of tech geeks and loony conspiracy theorists peddling their views on exactly how the world is going to end, or how Big Brother is watching your every move!

Blogging is particularly powerful in the early stages of the buyer’s journey, in unsettling prospects from the status quo, troubling them about their business, demonstrating that there is a better, more effective or efficient way to deal with a particular issue facing their industry sector. Blogging is a great way to put a human face on your company. It is interactive, people comment on your thoughts and opinions, a dialogue ensues and you are creating a community of individuals and (hopefully) prospects that you are influencing. That is an exchange that is creating real value to your prospect and indeed to your own organisation. It is an excellent way to gauge the pulse of the market.

Visit the g2mSolutions blog here for the full post.

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