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Business Blogging Tip #3 Be Strategically Focused

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Blog BloggerWe’re all guilty of it… writing or blogging about the first thing that comes to mind or whatever was just in the book you recently read or something you saw on Twitter.   All too often our corporate blog content is loose and unfocused on our strategic mission.  If you run a collaborative blog, the problem gets even more difficult as you now have to keep many people on the same strategic path.  If this is your plight, drop me a comment and we’ll talk.  If you’re a one-person show, try this out:

Step back and look at what you are trying to accomplish.  Are you using your blog for marketing? for SEO?  Who is your audience?  What niche are you serving?  If you don’t know your audience and you’re not serving a niche, you may be a Blog Blogger who Blogs Blogs.  You’re also probably wasting time and effort.

Once you know your niche and your audience begin making a list of blog topics that correspond to these.  This will help you focus your business blogging efforts.  Every time you add an item to the list, sense-check it against your niche and audience.  If it doesn’t fit into either, you probably shouldn’t be blogging about it.  Staying focused on your nice and close to your audience will help your blog maintain consistency and your readers will appreciate it.

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