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Business Blogging Tips and Techniques from Mark Henson at Sparkspace | AMA B2B SIG

Posted on 8th December, by Tom Williams in Author - Tom Williams, Blogging Tips, Business Blogging. No Comments

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Mark Henson from sparkspace business bloggingMark Henson is the Chief Imagination Officer at Sparkspace, a company that sparks new thinking with its unique conference space and inspirational programs for teams. Mark spoke recently at the Columbus American Marketing Association B2B Special Interest Group on the topic of business blogging and how to use blogging for your business. This is near and dear to my heart at Innogage because we love our Innoblogs business blogging software used by many companies. Innogage is also the official Sponsor of this Columbus-chapter of the AMA.

All blogging should be designed such that it drives business to you. Of course before you even go down the blogging path, you need to determine if a business blog is an appropriate digital marketing tool you should put into your tool box.

Questions to ask yourself before you begin blogging….

  1. Do I have something to say?
  2. Do I have content that my target audience needs or wants to hear?
  3. Will I (or we) be able to consistently produce high-quality, relevant content?

Remember that whoever writes for your blog becomes the voice, and the brand,of your company. This is why we at Innogage encourage our clients to produce most of their content internally through collaborative content teams rather than outsourcing the majority of it to outside firms or agencies.

Once you decide that corporate blogging is right for your company, you need to do it strategically. According to Mark’s assessment, business blogging should accomplish three main objectives.

Your business blog should…

  1. Exert influence
  2. Express your company’s brand and personality
  3. Create connections and build relationships and community

Mark had some good suggestions for writing styles and topics that get attention.

  • Make lists. 1) They force you to organize your thoughts; 2) They are often easier to read and remember; 3) They are  concrete, modular expressions of thought.
  • Use quotes. “Good writers borrow. Great writers steal.”
  • Draw from your personal experiences. I’ve learned so much since I started blogging regularly.
  • Take a position, get the conversation going. Blogging is great, but there are many ways to do it successfully, don’t you think?
  • Make it fun!
  • Use nice images.
  • AVoid typeos
  • Don’t outsource your content, outsource the your editing.

Be strategic in how you distribute your blog

  • Use Twitter… tweet it multiple times using different wording at different times.
  • Post it to Facebook.
  • Post it to LinkedIn.
  • Repurpose good blog posts into a newsletter.
  • Be consistent with your publishing – don’t let months go by without writing.

Mark did a great job speaking to the AMA B2B Marketing group and I found his insights on how to blog to be spot-on.  If you live in the Columbus area and are looking for a creative team-building meeting space I would encourage you to check out Mark’s Sparkspace.

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