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Businesses that Blog Experience 126% Higher Lead Generation Growth than Non-Blogging Businesses

Posted on 28th January, by Tom Williams in Business Blogging, ROI. 1 Comment

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Business Blogs Work!

One of my favorite companies in the world, Hubspot, has conducted another study on Business Blogging.  Once again, their results are staggering.  Hubspot conducted a study of 2,300 companies and put them in two groups.  Those who blog and those who don’t.  Before I go one, let me point out that the criteria was just “blogging”.  It was not Good blogging or Excellent blogging.  This group included those companies who blog…and suck at it.  Yet the numbers are still amazing!

Businesses that BlogBusinesses that blog see an increase in LEAD GENERATION that is 126% HIGHER than businesses that don’t blog…all else being equal.  If you’ve been on the fence because you can’t justify the ROI of blogging or don’t see the value then it’s time to get off the fence – the results are indisputable.  I seriously doubt that your direct mail campaigns can make claims like this.Lead Generation

Let’s take this one step further.  Remember that I said this study included  “businesses that blog”.  That includes those that do it poorly, which is most companies to be painfully honest.  Imagine what your numbers could look like if you had a blogging platform that would guarantee your success and supercharge your SEO!


We are going to be releasing InnoBlogs 1.2 in February which will contain an SEO engine as well as something we call Blogging360. Our SEO engine will supercharge your web traffic and conversions delivering an even higher measurable ROI.  Our Blogging360 module will connect you with similar content all over the Internet for higher engagement, inbound links and idea generation.  More on that to come!  If you’re interested in learning about our platform, please give me a shout.

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One Response to “Businesses that Blog Experience 126% Higher Lead Generation Growth than Non-Blogging Businesses”

  1. Interesting post. I believe as long as we update our blogs and deliver them fresh, they will continue to generate leads for our business. Also blogging is a great way to build a brand name. We will be able to show our prospects our expertise or things we are good at. Thank you for sharing.


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