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Finding writers for your corporate blog in 5 unexpected locations

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“I want you to take the leadership position, Kent!” That was the buzzword laden phrase uttered by one of the worst managers ever. We’ll call him Pete. In this situation, Pete wanted Kent to sign up for more work with no additional pay. Kent was about 65 years old and was disgusted by the request. Kent wanted to spend time with his grandchildren, not taking the “leadership position” whatever that meant.

Pete was trying to do the right thing but he was going about it the wrong way. Pete had additional work that needed to get done and he went after the person with the most experience, Kent. Kent, however, did not want to sign up for more hours. He wasn’t climbing the corporate ladder; he was buying time until retirement. Kent just wanted to do his job well, but nothing more. Pete chose the wrong guy.

Are you a “Pete” when it comes to your corporate blog? Have you relegated the blog to the marketing or PR department for content creation? You figure they produce all the advertising and marketing materials, so they should produce blog content too.

Wrong, Pete. Wrong.

Just because an employee is outside the marketing department doesn’t mean they can’t write genuine content. Just because an employee isn’t very social or skilled verbally doesn’t mean that he or she isn’t a skilled surgeon with a keyboard. Here are five unlikely places you may very well find writers for your corporate blog:

  1. HR. Don’t these folks understand your culture more than any other department? Of course they do. They hire your employees and your employees are your culture.
  2. Accounting. Don’t underestimate these people. Although the stereotype places them in the nerdy non-social category, you may be very surprised at their ability to write and how smart they are. (little-known-fact… My undergraduate degree is in Accounting and I passed the CPA exam in Chicago in 1998)
  3. Facilities. Yes, I’m talking about the grounds keepers and the janitorial staff. Just because they are blue-collar workers doesn’t mean they can’t write. If you have a beautiful or unique building or campus, give these folks some cameras and watch the media they produce.
  4. Procurement. These employees know your vendors better than anyone. Since your vendors may also be reading your blog it might make sense to have a few posts that speak to that very important audience.
  5. Interns. Interns can bring a wonderful youthful and outsider perspective to your blog. You should help structure their content and should put an editorial review on their writing but you may be surprised as to the content they produce.

So before you pull a Pete, look beyond just the marketing and PR people for your business blog. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

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