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Is your Business Blog a Cost Center or a Revenue Generator? Maybe that’s your problem

Posted on 1st April, by Tom Williams in Blog Strategy, Blogging for Leads, Blogging for Sales, Corporate Blogs. No Comments

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I traded emails with a woman recently who runs one of the best (manual) collaborative blogs I have seen.  They have 6-7 content authors and their blogs are timely and relevant. That is no small undertaking when you are using a free blog product and the vast majority of businesses can’t sustain that long term.

ROI from bloggingThe main problem I saw with their blog was that it was not set up to convert readers to customers. It was just pushing info. When I reached out to her, she said that they were in the middle of fixing their website as it was not converting either, and to follow up in about a year as they could not justify spending any money on the blog while fixing the website.

Although I certainly sympathize with cashflow, I see another problem here – how the blog was viewed.  Even though I told her of the ability to generate HUNDREDS OF PERCENT return on investment with InnoBlogs through search engine optimization and customer conversion, she still saw the blog only as as cost.

In the accounting world, this is known as “cost center” versus a “profit center”.  Cost centers produce expense and Profit centers produce revenues. Naturally, cost centers are typically viewed as a necessary evil and profit centers are the Prima Donnas of many organizations.

Do you have a corporate blog in your digital marketing mix? Is it a cost center or a profit center? If it’s a cost center, what can you do to make it a profit center?

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