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Business Blogging Tip: 3 ways to Be the Brand

Posted on 16th March, by Tom Williams in Advanced Blogging, Blog Strategy, Corporate Blogs. No Comments

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I remember a guy in high school, we’ll call him “B” for simplicity (and anonymity).

B had two passions: basketball and academics – and he was excellent at both. There was, however, something about him that really bothered me. When B was with his basketball buddies he talked “street” and sounded very much like a rapper.  He would then turn around and immediately speak to one of his other friends in perfect non-accent English as if he just stepped through the doors of Firestone Library at Princeton University.

Now I don’t really care what you sound like – whether you have an accent, lisp, impediment… whatever – as long as I know who I’m talking to.  With B, I never really quite knew who he was – and I think he lost credibility with everyone by trying to hard to “fit in”.

What’s the Corporate Blogging lesson here?

Don’t try to be all things to all people – be yourself.  Be the Brand

Now this isn’t so hard if you’re a solo blogger like my friends Chris Brogan and Jason Falls.  However, if you employ a collaborative corporate blog, with multiple contributors, it gets a little harder.

Here are 3 things you can do to empower your employees to Be the Brand

1. Align

If you don’t practice what you preach, you will never Be the Brand.  Exec management must set the example by their actions which will then ripple down throughout the organization.

2. Communicate

Let your customers know what your Brand is and then consistently deliver that Brand promise.  Ensure your employees know what your Brand stands for and how they can embrace and embody it. Tell the world and live it out every day.

3. Empower

Your company’s brand should permeate your company culture. Select employees who can communicate well and who embody your brand and give them a chance to represent you through a collaborative blog. Be sure you let them be real. If you have done your job well Aligning and Communicating then genuine “Be the Brand” content will naturally follow.

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