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Good business blogging is like serving up delicious food

Posted on 22nd June, by Tom Williams in Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, Corporate Blogs. 1 Comment

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In our last post we talked about the pitfall of serving up blog casserole to your customers. This happens when you either run out of content, or don’t have any kind of content strategy. Coming up with a content strategy can be tough. If you are having trouble with content strategy, it may help if you think about it in terms of food.

Blogging Staples Meat And Potatoes Blog

Some foods are staples such as bread, rice, meat, potatoes. These are your blogs that talk about your core industry, products, markets..etc. They’re not sexy topics but they are necessary. They’re what makes your company tick and it’s important to write about these things.  However, too many days of just meat and potatoes becomes tiresome. Many corporate blogs only serve up the staples.

Appetizer blogsBlogging Appetizers

These are blog posts meant to make your readers hungry for more. For an example of a blogging appetizer, see the blog that preceded this post entitled blog casserole! Blog appetizers are usually short in nature and give only enough information to make your readers anxious for the next post. If you are going to start a blog topic series in which you are going to write several posts about the same topic area, try leading it off with a blog appetizer!

spicy blogSpicy Blogging

If you’re like me, you like a little spice in your food. I’m always up for chili or Mexican food and I’m always a bit disappointed if my mouth is not burning a little while I’m eating. A spicy blog is one that rocks the boat. Pick a controversial topic and choose a side. Take a stand on a position and invite those who disagree with you to comment on your blog. Spicy blog posts tend to rank highly and spread on social media. I call it the Howard Stern effect. People that love Howard, listen to him. People that hate Howard… listen to him even more. Don’t be afraid to spice things up now and then.

Exotic blogExotic Blogging

The exotic blogs are the ones that take a long time to prepare and truly amaze your audience. The results of research or shortened whitepapers make for good exotic blogs. Exotic blogs also tend to be longer and are many times filled with data, graphs, images and new knowledge. Exotic blogs take a long time to prepare but they are well worth it. Your readers will thank you.

blog dessertBlogging Dessert

A meal wouldn’t be complete without a little blog dessert. Blog dessert is when you treat a fellow blogger, customer, vendor…etc. to a little free PR. Pick one of your best customers and write about how wonderful they are. Choose a fellow blogger in your industry and highlight one of their posts. Review a product from one of your vendors and give them kudos (if it’s good). A little chocolate can go a long way in fostering good relationships with your most important people.

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One Response to “Good business blogging is like serving up delicious food”

  1. Bethany Lee says:

    What an entertaining post, and an entertaining way of thinking of content strategy. One thing I noticed as I was reading is that you left something out: healthy food. Looking at the pictures you chose and the subheadings you used suggests that you are focusing on the unhealthy foods. If you want to relate content strategy to food, then it seems to me it makes sense to talk about healthy food too–the kind of food that can make your business strong, and that can make it thrive. The foods and food types you chose are tasty and certainly need to be a part of the blogging menu, but do they create health in a business? Good chefs know how to blend health with taste. And, health conscious people also know it’s more than just food–it’s the timing of the food, it’s the nutrients in the food–health conscious people SEEK OUT the nutrients they need in the foods they know supply them. You get the idea. A content strategist should also know how to do this with content. Or, for those companies that can’t hire a content strategist, the attitude that more attention should be paid to this topic can help. It can aid in the health of the business.
    It’s all about the content.
    Great article, Tom! Made me want to think.

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