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The 5 Most Common Business Blogging Mistakes

Posted on 7th February, by Tom Williams in Advanced Blogging, Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, Corporate Blogs. No Comments

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blogging mistakesThe world of business blogging exploits the full global-reach marketability of your company. Savvy blogging draws new and existing customers into a conversation that will increase site-traffic, generate exposure, and potentially increase your customer-base and  future sales.

But get it wrong, and your business blog can turn from an asset to a liability.

Mistake #1 – Irregular Blogging

Blogging compliments your business, and like any part of your business, it needs to be current and regularly maintained. Irregular blogging can lower your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content, dropping your business page rank, and effectively minimizing potential customers. Consistent, interesting and relevant posting will build your reader-base, and show commitment to your business and your customers.

Mistake #2 – Inconsistent Voice

Unless your business blog is specifically designed to individualize your bloggers, then the tone and style of your blog’s voice needs to remain consistent. Encourage originality from your writers to set your business blogging apart, but set parameters to maintain your blog’s focus and identity. Widely differing voices in your blog posts may cause reader confusion to your business directive, and come across as more of a personal, blog than a collaborative business blog.

Mistake #3 – Personalize Does Not Mean Personal

A conversational tone is the best way for your business blog to connect with your customers. It should should be engaging and have personality. While a blog allows for creativity, it must be relevant to your business. Personalizing your business experience will invoke a sense of community; telling your potential customer-base you have the mother of all hangovers, will drive them away in droves.

Mistake #4 – We Blog, That’s Enough

Business blogging is just one slice of the social media pizza – to achieve optimal effectiveness, your business needs to gorge. By utilizing multiple facets of the social media spectrum, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, and by adding an RSS feed, your business maximizes its global-reach and growth potential.

Mistake #5 – Separate URL

Your blog contains keyword-rich content that increases the visibility of your site with search engines – the higher your business ‘page rank’, the more traffic you’re likely to receive. Maintaining your business blog on a separate URL means you have more work to do to build up that new “website” which is how Google will see it.  This does little in the short term to increase the power of your company’s website. Instead of using a wholly separate URL or (even worse) using a blog platform URL such as, try If you use a more robust blogging platform like Innoblogs or Compendium,  you can use a subdomain such as  By keeping your business blogging on your primary URL, search engines will reward you for both your website and your blog.

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