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ROI=zip: 7 ways to sink hours into your corporate blog and get nothing in return

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So you’ve got a business blog and you’re hoping for great things but you’re keenly aware that nothing comes easy. Even if you’re running a free blog tool, you are investing time… and time is money. Here are 7 ways you can be sure to pour lots of time into your business blog and get almost nothing in return.

  1. Don’t Plan: Do not have any idea what you are trying to accomplish with your corporate blog from a content perspective. Do not align any blogs with that content strategy and whatever you do, don’t put your blogging ideas into any kind of editorial calendar. Simply write whatever comes to mind when you feel like it or have some spare time.
  2. Use short blog titles with no keywords. After all, it’s not like your blog title is appearing in your URL which is likely the most important thing you can do from an SEO perspective. So be sure to make it short and non-descriptive. Don’t put any keywords in your title. Try titles like “Cool Stuff” or “Latest from Blah Blah company”. Those are winners!
  3. Use meaningless opening sentences. Be sure to make your opening sentence bland and unattractive. It will could show up in Google’s search results page (SERP) so be sure to write something no one will want to click on.
  4. Don’t have a keyword strategy. It’s not like you’re competing with 150 million blogs out there and millions more websites for Search traffic. I’m sure Google will be able to read your mind and deliver up your blog at the optimal time with no effort on your part. After all, it’s Google – and they know everything right?
  5. Don’t link your content to internal and external sources. The goal for your business blog is to make society better and more informed. You aren’t actually trying to attract customers or business so be sure not to link to any of your products or contact pages. You just want people to read your content, smile with a twinkle and then leave.
  6. Don’t read or comment on anyone else’s blog. You are certainly the only one creating content in your space so be sure to blog in that nice vacuum. Don’t worry about what else is being written and don’t leave intelligent comments to let others know you exist. Just keep to yourself and everything will be cool.
  7. Do not promote your content. Be sure not to use Twitter, Facebook or any other method to help promote your content. Dot not put Tweet buttons or share options on your blog. No one uses those social media tools anyway and it would just be a waste of time. Simply publish your blogs, cross your fingers and I’m sure you’ll achieve the ROI metrics which you have not set up or are tracking.

If you follow these seven steps I am confident you will get almost no value out of your business blog. Also, be sure not to read this earlier blog post on how to blog with minimal resources: a recap of a great post by Lee Odden. Good luck!

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2 Responses to “ROI=zip: 7 ways to sink hours into your corporate blog and get nothing in return”

  1. Dan says:

    I would add “Whatever you do, Do not provide quality, engaging content that your intended audience will find valuable”

    With these strategies, you can spend hours for months on end working on your blog and you can bet that you will get almost nothing for your effort.

    Great post by the way

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