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The Panda Algorithm Update

Posted on 5th April, by Tom Williams in Business Blogging, SEM, SEO, SEO Blogging. 2 Comments

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You may have heard that Google changed it’s algorithm lately. What you may not realize is Google changes its algorithm all the time. Some estimates put the changes / tweaks at close to 500 per year.

What made this recent change significant was that 1) it was huge, affecting about 12% of US search queries and 2) it went after a specific group of people.

The Farmer Google SEO SEMThe people that Google went after were those who scrape content from other people sites (also called Farming content) and then publish it on their own sites, thus in essence stealing other people’s Google juice. This is why the algorithmic change was nicknamed “The Farmer”.

What this means for you and your blog is simple…

Be original.

Do not steal content, do not farm content, do not scrape content. Just write your own blog content.

If you do find an exceptionally good blog post (like this one… ha!) and would like to cover it in your own blog, the best way to do that is to write up your own brief summary and then send a nice friendly inbound link to my post as the original information and tell your readers to stop by my place for more info.

If you are creating good, original content for your business blog then Google is definitely on your side!

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2 Responses to “The Panda Algorithm Update”

  1. Jacob Stoops says:

    Totally agree. I always get so mad when my content gets scraped. I take the time to write out thoughtful, personally, and hopefully insightful comment on my blog – so why should somebody else rank for my content and not me? Kudos to Google for finally laying the smack-down on these farmers!

    • Tom Williams says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Jacob. Too many folks have been able to game the system by scraping other’s content. I was very glad to see The Farmer show up.

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