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Motivating Team Members to Blog – 3 Ways that Work

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How do you get others within the company to become committed, engaged, and passionate about blogging?

Blogging motivation for employees
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This is a question that all of our clients face when they start using Innoblogs. We make collaborative blogging easy with great tools built into Innoblogs, such as, editorial calendars, topic reminders, staleness notifications, ect. However, no tool, not even Innoblogs will build passion into your employees to blog. Here is how we approach it

Let employees participate in selecting and owning their topic focus - You will have a very disengaged employee if you approach the situation by instructing them to just write on this topic. Now I am assuming this isn’t an employee whom has the sole purpose of writing for the company. I’m under the assumption that the employee has other responsibilities and you’re wanting them to help the blogging machine.

Align the employee’s daily responsibilities with the blog topics  - You’ll get some of the best writing if you ask your employees to speak on topics that they deal with on a daily basis. Our client ST Ericsson has their engineers do writing on their blog about the products they build daily. This is some of the geekiest and detailed writing I have seen. Their audience loves it!

Show the big picture - Help the employee see why they’re writing. Show how this all adds up to a bigger goal, and who the team consists of doing the writing to move to this goal. Keep everyone informed of progress, and highlight, praise, and showcase the efforts throughout the company. Build buzz around this project and you’ll be amazed when other employees approach to be guest bloggers.

The term “writers block” didn’t start being used until very recently. Break through the fear that is associated with writing for others to read with engaged employees! Build an audience with engaged employees! Don’t make this just another “task”. Get your employees on board and build something that will provide profit to the company!


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