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How to run a business blog with minimal time

Posted on 21st December, by Tom Williams in Blog Strategy, Blogging Tips, Business Blogging, Corporate Blogs. 1 Comment

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I read a blog post today by Lee Odden on his Top Rank Online Marketing Blog and I felt compelled to post about it.  It’s not often that I agree with everything in a blog post but Lee really nailed it with his post called 5 Tips on Business Blogging With Minimal Resources.

One reason I got so excited when I read Lee’s post – it validates the functionality we have worked hard to put into InnoBlogs.  Lee wrote this post because blog management is NOT easy.  It takes work and strategic focus and dedication and a team – which is then hard to manage and control… With each of Lee’s points about business blogging, I immediately recognized functionality we built into InnoBlogs to assist with or relieve each challenge.  Here are the Five points Lee makes and the corresponding functionality inside InnoBlogs that addresses those specific points.

  1. Become a blog reader. I couldn’t agree more.  If you’re not reading other blogs – especially blogs in your niche, then you won’t ever really know how to write your own business blog.  We have a tool in InnoBlogs called Blogging360.  In simplistic terms, Blogging360 watches what you write and then goes out into the Blogosphere and Twitterverse for you, finds similar, relevant content and delivers it back daily.  The pain of finding it on your own is removed.
  2. Set goals for your business blog. Lee talks about sending traffic from your blog to relevant pages on your website.  InnoBlogs has a 3-tiered approach to doing this automatically, while ensuring the relevance of the links is intact.  InnoBlogs even has an auto-linking technology that will accurately link keywords/phrases within a blog to the  appropriate destination URLs.  Of  course, every click is tracked automatically for goal performance.
  3. Create a Schedule. InnoBlogs has 2 methods for addressing this.  We have an Assigned tasks / Editorial Calendar feature for explicitly planning out who will write, what they will cover and when it will be posted.  We also have automatic freshness and stale reminders that go out.  In this method, users commit to publishing content every X number of days and then the system holds them accountable to their personal commitment via reminders.
  4. Be efficient with content. Lee talks about several approaches to being efficient – but the underpinning message is: time is precious so you need to be efficient.  There is nothing worse than writing content when you don’t know what to write about or what is expected.  InnoBlogs uses a combination of Suggested Topics combined with the Search Engine Optimizer, which guides non-technical users/writers to produce outstanding SEO blogs.  The result is better content, faster.
  5. Make blogging a team effort. This is what started InnoBlogs in the first place.  Quite simply we watched  collaborative blogs fail and said “There must be a better way”.  Collaborative blogs are very difficult to run successfully.  Who is supposed to post and when?  What if they don’t, who follows up?  How do you ensure people are writing about the correct thing? How do you align keywords across multiple authors?  Who is reviewing the posts?  Who is “clearing” the posts.  Are the outbound links valid?  What are we getting out of this? How do we measure this thing?   The list goes on.  Everything inside InnoBlogs, from the workflow to the suggested topics, to Blogging360 and Autolinks is underpinned by blogging as a team.  If you can do it well, a collaborative blog offers so much more and it spreads out the “pain” across many contributors so no one is over burdened.

Whether you are a good fit for InnoBlogs or not, please pop over and read Lee’s blog post. It’s dead-on and there is a lot of useful information which can be implemented by anyone running a business blog, regardless of the underlying business blogging platform.

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