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Blogging for SEO vs Audience Building | Can you do them both?

Posted on 24th May, by Tom Williams in Blogging Tips, SEO Blogging. 2 Comments

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It’s an eternal struggle… do you write for the web or do you write for your audience? The answer you write for your audience, who are on the web and need to find your content. So yes – you write for both.

Many people believe that writing for the web, aka writing for Search Engines (SEO), will destroy your ability to write for your audience and build a loyal following. This is not true at all. It simply means you have to spend more time writing strategically. You can incorporate keywords and phrases into your blogs that do not detract from the nature, style or tone of your writing. You can blog for people and you can blog for SEO at the same time.

Here are a few easy steps you can employ to help you blog strategically, for SEO and for your audience as well.

Step 1: Know your keywords

Research the keywords and phrases you want your website and blog to be found for when people input them to search engines. The more of a certain keyword / phrase is used throughout your blog, the more Google recognizes that you are serious about that keyword. If you don’t have a blogging tool that coaches you on keywords – like our Innoblogs product (which I am using to write this blog), you will need to put your keywords into a spreadsheet or post-it note. Be sure you have carefully researched these keywords and that they are relevant for the topic you are writing about.

Step 2: Know your audience

Determine who you are writing for, before you start writing. In marketing lingo, we refer to these as “Personas”. A persona is a made up person (aka Jane Doe) who embodies certain characteristics for whom you are trying to target. For example, if you are blogging about products for new moms you may have a persona named Katie Single. Katie is a unmarried pregnant woman in her early 20′s from an upper middle class home partially through college. Katie Single has needs that are different from Married Martha who is a woman in her mid to late 30′s how has been married for 3-5 years and has a career. Determine who you are writing for and write to that person (or persona). Your message will not resonate with every reader but it will resonate very strongly with your target audience.

Step 3: Be yourself

Everyone has a voice and a writing style. Yours may not be perfectly polished but it’s yours and that is probably better than you think. People enjoy authenticity so when you write, be yourself. You audience will thank you.

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2 Responses to “Blogging for SEO vs Audience Building | Can you do them both?”

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  2. George Garza says:

    Blogs such powerful tools for SEO. You just need to understand how to inject quality SEO into a post that is helpful and relevant to the audience.Blog content also provides the opportunity to share services descriptions to suit the audience.

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