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Social Media Experiment: #NACAC08

Posted on 21st October, by Tom Williams in Business Blogging, Conferences. 1 Comment

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Did you stop by the InnoGage booth at NACAC this year? NO??? That’s funny…me neither.

The InnoGage team decided to get a little nuts at NACAC this year. Instead of putting up a booth and waiting for people to walk by, we decided to be the eyes and ears of hundreds of people both at the conference and across the country. The InnoGage crew split up and attended sessions that covered Social Media, Recruiting strategy and other valuable Web2.0-ish information. We listened intently and pushed out bits of valuable information through our mobile devices utilizing twitter. If you’re confused, let me break it down for you.

I walk into a session about “social media in higher ed” and sit down. The Panel begins talking and I begin typing bits of interesting information into my blackberry via the application twitterberry, which links up to the InnoGage twitter account. With a character limit of 140 characters per “tweet”, I must be succinct. When I press “send”, my update hits the twitter accounts of potentially hundreds of people who are “following” InnoGage on twitter.

The end result is information being spoken in a conference room and reaching hundreds or thousands of people around the world in a matter of SECONDS. Does this make your head spin? It should.

Below are the main channels from which the InnoGage team pushed out valuable information to our friends and clients during NACAC 2008.






So I apologize that you did not get your InnoGage pen or flashlight this year, but hopefully you got a lot of great information… which although it doesn’t light up or let you draw happy faces, is probably a bit more useful.

p.s. watch for us November 16th – 19th at the AMA Symposium on Higher Education. Can’t make it? No problem…just follow and converse with the InnoGage team. We’ll be your eyes and ears.

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One Response to “Social Media Experiment: #NACAC08”

  1. Bradjward says:

    I was sorely disappointed at the lack of people utilizing Twitter and Flickr (and even blogs) at NACAC. I met more people through the Zinch booth than the handful via Twitter, which is rare for most conferences.

    You’ll have much better luck at AMA with the efforts.

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