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Grow your Email Subscribers in 30 days

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A Digital marketing manager often places email marketing as one of his or her main marketing tools. You may have heard that an “email subscription list” is one of the most valuable assets a company can own (my personal favorite tool is Mail Chimp). However, it is only valuable if the individuals on the list opted-in to your email messages and they actually read what you sent them!

When I work with clients on their digital marketing campaigns, they’re often tempted to take the easy way out. Upload a bunch of names and spam them! Clearly this is not a good strategy and does not result in a positive response. One exception I would make is putting contacts from throughout the year into a lead nurturing program in which your goal is to have them opt-in for … Read More »

5 Steps for Search Engine Optimization in a Local Area

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Businesses that serve a small local area always want data down to their neighbors for their SEO. I don’t blame them, but unfortunately we can’t spy on our neighbors through their windows without having some legal problems. So we turn to our great internet search tools to find out what our neighbors are looking for and how they put it into words. PROBLEM! There isn’t enough data in Google for this area…

As a business that is pushing into the internet marketing world you have probably come across this problem when looking at a very specific geographical regions. I’m talking about towns, townships, small cities, and places where the town center may just be a post office!

We face this same problem with clients who sell to local cities and towns. Local search engine optimization tips are something our clients ask … Read More »

4 Reasons to Wow – Digital Marketing News

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I had an interaction with a business this week that blew my mind! At Innogage, we talk about digital marketing trends a lot. In my opinion, Jimmy Johns, the sandwich shop, is quickly becoming a leader. Jimmy Johns has made huge investments in delivering sandwiches. They have built out a great online ordering system, making great use of technology.

Clearly, Jimmy Johns has invested in technology, but that doesn’t mean it will work. However, Jimmy Johns made it work!

I have used Jimmy Johns online order system a number of times. A quick log-in and the system has saved the store closest to me and my favorite sandwiches. However, I just recently moved and the system informs me I’m no longer in the area to be served!

I’m not far from the store, but … Read More »

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