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Business Blogging Tips and Techniques from Mark Henson at Sparkspace | AMA B2B SIG

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Mark Henson is the Chief Imagination Officer at Sparkspace, a company that sparks new thinking with its unique conference space and inspirational programs for teams. Mark spoke recently at the Columbus American Marketing Association B2B Special Interest Group on the topic of business blogging and how to use blogging for your business. This is near and dear to my heart at Innogage because we love our Innoblogs business blogging software used by many companies. Innogage is also the official Sponsor of this Columbus-chapter of the AMA.

All blogging should be designed such that it drives business to you. Of course before you even go down the blogging path, you need to determine if a business blog is an appropriate digital marketing tool you should put into … Read More »

Most Dangerous Threat to Digital Marketing | Digital Sharecropping

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What is Digital Sharecropping? Here is my personal definition -  a Digital Marketing phenomenon whereby marketers place their digital marketing assets on another company’s web properties and relinquish all rights and control to their marketing and, at times, to their business model.

Sonia Simone from Copyblogger wrote a piece on Digital Sharecropping that I felt compelled to cover in my blog, partially because I loved the article and partly because the risks she talked about are something I have been raising on my blog and to customers for years: Giving up control of your digital marketing assets.

Now, Sonia and I are not ignorant of the value of using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to elevate your brand, connect with current and would-be customers, disseminate information…etc. We are, however, very concerned with companies who use these … Read More »

Stop telling people that your blog sucks | B2B Blogging Tips

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Does your business blog have social share links for easy social distribution of your content? If so, GREAT!

Does your business blog expose how many people are sharing… or more likely NOT sharing your blog posts?  Hmmmm – not so great.

The fact is, most business blogs do not get shared a lot. Why would you expose that fact to readers who come to your blog? It’s like hanging out a banner that says “Our blog sucks and has no credibility! Please leave without reading.”

You work for a business that sells products and or services to other businesses… I get that. After all, that is what Innogage Digital Marketing is! We sell Digital Marketing Consulting and Business Blogging Technology to help businesses improve website traffic, content marketing, conversion, ROI and more.

Your blog gets traffic but not insane traffic and most readers do … Read More »

Content Marketing to Overtake Search Marketing | At the Crossroads

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Content Marketing is about to overtake Search Marketing according to Google Trends. All good digital marketers and SEO consultants have always known that real search marketing is, at the heart, good content marketing. It’s not about finding loopholes or playing on the black-hat side of the fence. Good SEO is about delivering great content with the appropriate keywords. I have long been waiting for the term content marketing to take it’s rightful place in the Google-sphere and according to Google Trends, we are right at the cross roads of that event.

When I think about Search Marketing, a number of different thoughts and companies come to mind. When I think of Content Marketing, however, I think of Joe Pulizzi. Joe is the founder of Junta42 and the Read More »

Gaming Strategy for Digital Target Marketing | Blogging from Content Marketing World

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We talk about a lot of digital marketing trends at Innogage. Today we are talking about Games! Game strategy or gamification is the strategy of adding game components into your content for digital target marketing. If you are looking to increase engagement, game strategy can be a game changer (pun intended) for you!

Gamification came onto the big scene around 2011. You have probably seen examples on Facebook and Foursquare. Adding a game layer to your marketing can add FUN for the customer.

Don’t think your target customers are into playing games? The Entertainment Software Association found that in 2011, 72% of American households play computer or video games. The average game player’s age was 37, with most gamers in the 18- to 49-year-old bracket. Interestingly, the proportion of female gamers increased to 42%.

So why does gamification work? What is … Read More »

Cut the Bull: Blog with a Purpose | Blogging from Content Marketing World

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I am sitting in a session at Content Marketing World by Jason Falls listening to him tear it up on content marketing and specifically on marketing through business blogging.

Many businesses blog but not many really know why or understand how to make it truly valuable.  If you are thinking about blogging or are blogging (but not sure why) then ask yourself this simple question:  WHY should you be blogging. Each time you come up with a reason, ask the same question “WHY” again.  Continue to ask yourself that question until you get to something measurable. Answers such as “because everyone else is doing it” are not acceptable and are also not measurable. You need a reason to blog and that reason needs to be strategic.

[editors note: Jason reviewed our Read More »

Driving Customer Engagement | Using email marketing effectively

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I am the proud owner of a mountain buggy stroller. Yes I am a man, yes I am proud of my stroller. This isn’t just any stroller – this sucker is built like a Ford F150. I’m talking huge inflatable wheels, suspension system, front wheel lock for jogging,weight capacity of 120 lbs with room for two!

Because it’s built like a truck I tend to treat it like one. Not surprisingly I blew out a tire recently when I took it a bit off the “path” and across some rocks. Although my kids thought it was awesome I was a little bummed that I needed to repair the tire – again. I went looking online for a suitable replacement. Since this was not the first event of it’s kind, I opted to pay a little more and get a more … Read More »

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