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Cut the Bull: Blog with a Purpose | Blogging from Content Marketing World

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I am sitting in a session at Content Marketing World by Jason Falls listening to him tear it up on content marketing and specifically on marketing through business blogging.

Many businesses blog but not many really know why or understand how to make it truly valuable.  If you are thinking about blogging or are blogging (but not sure why) then ask yourself this simple question:  WHY should you be blogging. Each time you come up with a reason, ask the same question “WHY” again.  Continue to ask yourself that question until you get to something measurable. Answers such as “because everyone else is doing it” are not acceptable and are also not measurable. You need a reason to blog and that reason needs to be strategic.

[editors note: Jason reviewed our Read More »

Content Marketing Institute recommends 8 content production tools including Innoblogs

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The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) today released a whitepaper / presentation on 8 amazing content workflow technologies which greatly enhance your content production efforts. We are very proud that the Innogage collaborative blogging tool, Innoblogs, was included in that list of eight. In fact, Innoblogs was THE ONLY CONTENT TOOL recommended under the category of Blogging Workflow Tools!!

The other categories covered were Content workflow tools (4 recommendations) and Content workflow tools combined with writer networks (3 recommendations).

This report covers information about Innoblogs, what it is and what kind of customer stands to benefit the most from the powerful blogging workflow tools inside our technology. It also gets in under the hood to tell you exactly what you get in the areas of workflow, search engine optimization, and customer conversion. It even covers cost and who some of our … Read More »

ROI=zip: 7 ways to sink hours into your corporate blog and get nothing in return

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So you’ve got a business blog and you’re hoping for great things but you’re keenly aware that nothing comes easy. Even if you’re running a free blog tool, you are investing time… and time is money. Here are 7 ways you can be sure to pour lots of time into your business blog and get almost nothing in return.

Don’t Plan: Do not have any idea what you are trying to accomplish with your corporate blog from a content perspective. Do not align any blogs with that content strategy and whatever you do, don’t put your blogging ideas into any kind of editorial calendar. Simply write whatever comes to mind when you feel like it or have some spare time.
Use short blog titles with no keywords. After all, it’s not like your blog title is … Read More »

The Biggest Search Engine Optimization Mistake

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By Kristen Carter

A few days ago Stephen Chapman wrote a fascinating blog on what he deemed the one mistake CEOs make about search engine optimization. What is that mistake? It’s that many CEOs spend so much time focusing on getting their keywords ranked highly on search engines that they never consider if their SEO strategy is increasing leads or conversion for their business. This is a problem because having a keyword rank highly is only good if it translates to increased ROI. This is particularly an issue when CEOs become attached to specific keywords, and instead of trusting SEO experts, they insist that one word or phrase is vital to their business and MUST be ranked highly.

Chapman points out that of course there is a plethora of search engine optimization agencies who will gladly take your money … Read More »

Foursquare – transitioning to Digital Marketing

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I logged into my FourSquare to check in at my office today and I saw something new! A little green button with “special offer” dropped down. When I clicked it, it took me to the following ad below as part of a marketing campaign that Starbucks was running.

Foursquare monetizing already!

In case you can’t read this it says the following:

Welcome to Starbucks
650 S. Third St.

As mayor of this store, enjoy $1 off a NEW however-you-want-it Frappuccino blended beverage. Any size, any flavor. Over valid until 6/28

(Tue May 18 @ 1:45 PM) (2010)

What I like about this marketing plan is the ad was non-intrusive (as ads go).  I actually had to take an action on my phone to see the ad – good interactive marketing.  It didn’t just pop up … Read More »

Businesses that Blog Experience 126% Higher Lead Generation Growth than Non-Blogging Businesses

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Business Blogs Work!

One of my favorite companies in the world, Hubspot, has conducted another study on Business Blogging.  Once again, their results are staggering.  Hubspot conducted a study of 2,300 companies and put them in two groups.  Those who blog and those who don’t.  Before I go one, let me point out that the criteria was just “blogging”.  It was not Good blogging or Excellent blogging.  This group included those companies who blog…and suck at it.  Yet the numbers are still amazing!

Businesses that blog see an increase in LEAD GENERATION that is 126% HIGHER than businesses that don’t blog…all else being equal.  If you’ve been on the fence because you can’t justify the ROI of blogging or don’t see the value then it’s time to get off the fence – the results are indisputable.  I seriously doubt … Read More »


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Lately, ROI has become a dirty word in the Social Media arena.  VPs and Execs who are just beginning to look at social media as a channel are asking the first question they always ask when evaluating anything new…”What’s the ROI?”

The problem with ROI and Social Media is that no one has truly cracked the ROI formula yet.  We know Social Media is valuable.  We have seen first hand how it drives web traffic and increases chances of sales.  We know it connects people and creates relationships that would otherwise be impossible…but we can’t seem to say “If you invest $10,000 in these social media applications, you will see a return on your sales of $100,000 in 12 months”)

So, what are we to do?

Lately I have been noticing a disturbing trend among social media practitioners.  Instead of admitting … Read More »

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We believe in blogging - that's why we built the Innoblogs business blogging platform. Our blog is about all things digital marketing. Whether you are interested in blogging, search marketing, content marketing or the latest technologies, you'll find it on the Innogage blog!

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