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innoblogs’ mention got us thinking | Special Post

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11th February

A recent mention of our new marketing technology innoblogs, has got me thinking of another way to drive readership and gain the marketing and technology edge for your content marketing. Read on to see how to diplomatically accept accolades in a way that doesn’t come across as haughty or somehow upset your blog audience.

If you are spending any time on the web with your business blogging or content marketing, you will eventually incur some degree of attention. If the attention is positive and unsolicited, your first thought might be to shout “Look at Us!”. And, although a humble appreciation might be acceptable, consider seizing this opportunity to give a little more.

Call Attention to the Business That Mentioned You :  We all like traffic when we can get it; it’s what content … Read More »

How to Fix your Content Creation Strategy

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Everyone is producing content for marketing – we are flooded with marketing content. How do you break away from the crowd?

You get a content strategy… but this is short-sighted. This is inward focused, not outward. If you are all caught up with a content creation plan, you may be missing the big opportunity.

Instead of attacking a content creation strategy, you need to start with an audience strategy! Find out what your audience needs and wants. Find out what your audience is expecting and deliver that. The audience strategy focuses on the “why”, not the “what.” Audience strategy is the umbrella under which your content creation strategy rests.

Good content marketing is not about putting the right lures on the line; it is about selecting the right pond to fish in.

You can and should develop personas for your content … Read More »

Visual Content Marketing Strategies | Content Marketing World 2013

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There are two main systems of thinking: inactive and active. You need breakthrough content to move from inactive into active thinking.

As you move to active content, you must consider the many variables:

Mobile: make it quick and easy to access
Social: make it cool to share
Multi-screen: make it work everywhere
B2B meets B2C: Make it entertaining
Content Inflation: Make it unique


The newest trends in visual marketing can meet all of these variables if done well. Here’s a rundown:

Video: No one really knows how fast video is growing. In one year, non-desktop video viewing increased 6x. Of those videos, 80% were five minutes or less in length. The majority of videos that go viral on YouTube are paid to go viral. Companies will seed the video through advertising / premier placement.

Infographics: Fix the width and make it as long as you want. … Read More »

Branding in the New Age of Content Marketing

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Brands are becoming commoditized. A study conducted at Northwestern University studied people’s affinity to brands over the last 10 years and what they found is a steady decline of people’s perception of brands. This applies to both the retail outlets as well as the products being sold by those channels. Funny enough, the strongest overall brand preference was actually for Clorox Bleach! Kleenex, Gatorade and Charmin are among the few products not caught in the downward spiral.

So why is this happening to brands? Because marketers have stopped telling stories. Marketing has shifted to gimmicks, gizmos, deep discounts, apps, celebrities, deals, price promotions. While these may be effective methods to live sales, especially in the short term, it doesn’t build long-term brand loyalty.

So why is this happening? Some answers include the recession, value shifting among consumers, product commoditization, … Read More »

Models of Content Marketing | Content Marketing World 2013

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I’m sitting in a session with Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute (who, by the way, is a very good pianist) at Content Marketing World 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio. The topic of discussion: different models of content marketing creation.

According to Rose, there are four content marketing archetypes or personalities: Promoter, Preacher, Professor and Poet

Promoter: Needs and Wants. Content that is focused on sales. It can include product sheets, website content, case studies, whitepapers.

Preacher: Discovery and Knowledge. Content that drives engagement. This is where your corporate blog lives! You also pull in SEO and social channels for communication and distribution.

Professor: Teaching and Instructing. Content that helps people. This content builds trust and builds relationships. examples include webinars, apps, online tools and even answering people’s questions.

Poet: Stories and Emotions. Content that binds our brand into the audience … Read More »

What the Five(ish) | LIVE from Content Marketing World!

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How to Reboot Your Content For a Mobile World by Mitch Joel, Author of Six Pixels of Separation

Marketers today are terribly confused in the world of online content marketing. Everyone is preaching a different method and things are changing so fast Marketers are spinning.  What we do know is that there is a massive shift from indirect relationship to direct relationship.

If you connect with a brand (like Target) on Facebook and then purchase headphones (Beats by Dre) from Target… where is the directly relationship? is it between you and Beats by Dre? Is it between you and Target? Maybe it’s between you and Facebook? Who knows… maybe it’s all THREE! So the connection goes Beats by Dre, through Target, enabled by Facebook, recommended by your friends, to you.

The complexity of marketing has not decreased with technology – it has … Read More »

Did you miss the CMI presentation on 8 content workflow tools

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Last week the Content Marketing Institute issued a report on the top 8 content workflow tools. Our collaborative business blogging platform, Innoblogs, was the only tool recommended under the Blogging workflow category. This of course made us extremely happy over here at Innogage! We have worked very hard to ensure our business blogging platform stays in front of the pack with careful attention to the ease of use, workflow capabilities, Search Engine Optimization automation and guidance as well as the customer conversion portions of the blogging software.

In case you didn’t have time to pop over to the CMI last week to read up on all the content tools, you can snag a quick glance at the presentation below embedded from the Content Marketing Institute Slideshare. Innoblogs is covered on pages 11 and 12. … Read More »

Content Marketing Institute recommends 8 content production tools including Innoblogs

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The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) today released a whitepaper / presentation on 8 amazing content workflow technologies which greatly enhance your content production efforts. We are very proud that the Innogage collaborative blogging tool, Innoblogs, was included in that list of eight. In fact, Innoblogs was THE ONLY CONTENT TOOL recommended under the category of Blogging Workflow Tools!!

The other categories covered were Content workflow tools (4 recommendations) and Content workflow tools combined with writer networks (3 recommendations).

This report covers information about Innoblogs, what it is and what kind of customer stands to benefit the most from the powerful blogging workflow tools inside our technology. It also gets in under the hood to tell you exactly what you get in the areas of workflow, search engine optimization, and customer conversion. It even covers cost and who some of our … Read More »

Communication lessons from the Joplin Missouri Tornado Crisis

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Innogage was a sponsor at the OHSPRA conference last week. While I was there, I had the privilege of sitting in on the keynote presentation of Kim Vann, Community Development Coordinator for Joplin Schools.

In 2011, incredibly destructive EF5 Multi-vortex tornado that ripped through Joplin Missouri, destroying much of the city and obliterating most of the schools. It left 160 people dead in its wake including 16 students from the Joplin schools.

Although Joplin is no stranger to tornadoes, no one was ready for something of this magnitude.  Here are a few lessons learned that Kim shared with the group.

1. Do not get immune to the sound of the tornado sirens. If you live in a Midwest town (such as I do), you hear the tornado sirens go off on a regular basis. … Read More »

Search Engine Academy chooses Innoblogs as its business blogging software

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One of the things we are very proud of at innogage is our business blogging software, innoblogs. About a year ago, we got a little nuts with our blogging software and our goal to crack the ROI nut. We developed a mantra at innogage called “Search and Convert”. In other words, any enhancements to our blogging software were immediately halted if they did not relate explicitly to Search Engine Optimization or Customer Conversion – the two pieces of the ROI puzzle in social media.

The result was a cool piece of technology called the Search Engine Optimizer inside Innoblogs that coaches non-technical / non-SEO writers during the blog creation process to ensure that blog posts are strategic and driving brand, as well as being optimized for the RIGHT keywords and phrases for SEO.

Read More »

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