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Business Blogging on Digital 411 – Talktainment Internet Radio: Tom Williams Guest

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I recently had a chance to be a guest on Digital 411 on Talktainment Internet Radio with Dr. Erika.  It was a complete blast and I thoroughly enjoyed talking about one of my most favorite topics: Business Blogging and how it relates to return on investment, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

On the Digital 411 show with me was Lori Crock from WrittenImpact.  Lori helps companies and entrepreneurs succeed in social media including blogging strategically, sprinkled in with a lot of coaching.

It was a really good discussion with a lot of tips for small and medium sized businesses.  If you’d like to listen to the radio show you can hit the archive link here.  It will be well worth your … Read More »

Twitterview with EduWEB Conference Director Shelley Wetzel

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Lessons from Lonelygirl15 Content is still KING

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I was in Los Angeles a few days ago, having had the chance to be the best man in rock-superstar Dave Ghazarian’s wedding… It was an awesome time but that’s another story for another day (wedding was beautiful, btw).  The point of this blog post is actually what happened on the flight back from LA.

I was sitting on a very full flight wondering who would sit down next to me. Much to my surprise and delight, it was Greg Goodfried!

Who the heck is Greg Goodfried? you say…valid question. I actually didn’t know either at that moment. Then Greg starts to tell me about how in 2006 he and his business partner, Miles Beckett, hatched an idea to put a show on YouTube. They pooled a little money, casted for it and found … Read More »

AMA Social Media SIG Presentation

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to co-present at the American Marketing Association Special Interest Group on Social Media (AMA SIG for short).  I worked with Steve Bell, Founder and Principle at Strategic Marketing Innovations Consulting.  It was so much fun working with Steve, who is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met.  Steve’s rich history as an analyst at Forrester gave our presentation a level of depth that would not have been possible otherwise.

Our presentation focused on how Social Media is changing the ways Corporations do business.  We were able to draw parallels to the days of when the Internet first broke onto the business scene.  The similarities to then and now are striking. We also got into organizational structure which included snippets of a video interview I did with Ryan Squire, Director of … Read More »

Social Media = Green(Recruiting + Marketing) Earth Day 2009!

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InnoGage’s innovative, engaging connectivity tools allow for educational facilities and corporations to use the power of social media to achieve their goals, minimize their environmental impact and maximize their profits.

Blogs: Cornerstone of Social Media – Video Interview

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I was recently interviewed by Peter Baron from AdmissionsQuest. AdmissionsQuest is the leader in admissions information for boarding schools.

Peter and I connected via Skype for this interview.  What’s cool about this is you can see us both in the video window!  What’s not so cool is that the video is a bit choppy.   However, the audio is clear and because of the choppy video, you can see me make some really stupid looking facial expressions, which is quite entertaining!

I invite you to scan the major interview topics below with the associated time stamp.  Feel free to jump around in the interview to get the information you desire, quickly.  The video may take a minute to start playing, depending on your connection speed.  If you have any … Read More »

Live Streaming from Chicago – AMA Symposium

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We realize that you can only attend so many conferences in a given year.  With budgets tight, you have to make hard choices.  If you’re unable to attend this year’s AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Ed…


Not only is the InnoGage team going to be shooting video, taking pictures, tweeting and writing blogs, but we are also going to STREAM LIVE VIDEO once a day from the hotel lobby.

We will provide you with a summary of the days events and some highlights from the speakers.  You’ll also have an opportunity to ask us questions.  If we are able to track down any of speakers and get them on camera, we’ll do that too!!  Here are the times to tune in.

Sunday, Nov 16th… 5:00 – 5:30

Monday Nov 17th… 4:30 – 5:15

Tuesday Nov 18th…4:30 – 5:15

Wednesday Nov … Read More »

Facebook Fiasco – how to turn negative into positive

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“Fiasco” is probably a bit harsh…but the truth is many colleges are afraid of a social media “Fiasco”.  You know how it goes…you do a quick cost / benefit analysis where you can’t quantify the benefits but the potential costs seem readily apparent.  Management’s decision is simple and easy – Stay Away from Social Media!

I recently interviewed Rachel Reuben, Director of Web Communications at SUNY New Paltz.  Rachel has recently gone through a challenging situation with the New Paltz Facebook page, where she had to make some tough decisions.  I wanted to share this case study with you in hopes of dispelling some of the fear of Social Media.  Here is how one university encountered a situation, dealt with it appropriately and came out ahead.

On Oct 26th, the … Read More »

Tom Williams Interviewed by Columbus Tech Life

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I was recently interviewed by Ben Blanquera, blogger for Columbus Tech Life.  Not only is the blog a great write-up but I am very excited about what Ben is doing to spur growth and innovation in the IT and Social Media community in central Ohio.

Link to Ben’s blog:

Video interview with Craig Newmark – founder of Craigslist

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I had the privilege of interviewing Craig Newmark from Craigslist at the 2.Ohio event in Columbus on Oct 10th.  Craig is a humble, soft spoken, no-ego kind of guy…which is amazing considering the proliferation and popularity of his website,  Even on his business card, his title is “customer service rep. & founder”… (notice which designation is first?)  What a lesson for us all.

I hope you enjoy this “real life” interview.   This was done on the fly with a very cheap video camera.  The questions were not scripted ahead of time nor were Craig’s responses…this is just real convo coming at you via video…enjoy.

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