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Amazing breakthrough Blogging Technology with Ecommerce!

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You may think there isn’t much new in the world of blogging. After all, blogging has been around for about 10 years now and everyone is familiar with the basics. However, I recently discovered a new type of business blogging technology that is not only mobile and extremely portable but includes revolutionary commenting functionality as well as Ecommerce!  You have got to watch this video – it will change your life!


Paper Blogs – Amazing Breakthrough! from TOM WILLIAMS on Vimeo.

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Video Blog – Sometimes you gotta play hurt

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I didn’t think I was that old…but apparently I injured my back while I was sleeping.  Even though I was in excruciating pain, I chose to drive downtown and do a presentation.  I could have called in and delayed the meeting but it took a month to get the right people in the room and I wasn’t about to throw it back in the rescheduling pool again.

Instead, I decided to play hurt.  Sometimes, you’ve just gotta play hurt.

Sometimes you gotta play hurt from TOM WILLIAMS on Vimeo.

Video Blog – Tough Business Decision – No SXSW for me this year

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As a small business owner, sometimes you feel like you’re being tossed by the waves.  I had every intention of heading down to sunny Austin this year for the Rockin’ SXSWi festival.  All my favorite Peeps and Tweeps in my Twibes are going to be there.  But sometimes life bites you.

After losing two major deals in my pipeline I had to make the excruciating decision to ditch SXSW this year.  The fact is, I just couldn’t justify playing and spending the cash when I should be working.  Even when you own a company, you don’t get rewarded when things go south.  Instead you throw off everything that may get in your way, pull your boots on and get busy…working.

Tough Business Decision – No SXSW for me this year from TOM WILLIAMS on Vimeo.

Video Blog – AMA SIG on Social Media Round Tables

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One of the things I am involved with in Columbus is the American Marketing Association Special Interest Group on Social Media or AMA SIG – Social Media for short.  Instead of doing our usual speaker / Q&A format we mixed it up a bit with Round Tables!  Watch the video for how it went.  You can check out photos from the event on this Flickr Set!

AMA SIG Social Media Round Table Discussions from TOM WILLIAMS

Here are a few of the take aways from the Different Round Tables:

Using LinkedIn for Business – Hosted by Nate Riggs:

Think about LinkedIn outside of your profile. Focus on how your updates reach other people’s profiles across the network
To get the most out of LinkedIn, you need to engage. Get in the habit of checking LinkedIn for updates … Read More »

Power of Twitter – Meeting up with Jeremiah Owyang from the Altimeter Group

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Jeremiah Owyang Meetup and the Power of Twitter from TOM WILLIAMS on Vimeo.

You know the problem with social media?  It can take you down the rabbit hole.  So, why do we shuffle and re-shuffle our work and why do we keep an eye on the social media channels?

Because you never know when lightening may strike.

Lightening struck for me recently.  I happened to be checking my twitter stream…for the 1,000th time, and I saw a tweet from a colleague of mine, Nick Seguin, cofounder of DynamIt to Jeremiah Owyang, Partner at Altimeter Group about Jeremiah being in Columbus.  I immediately scanned Jeremiah’s latest tweets and saw he had indeed come to Columbus for about 24 hours for a client meeting.

Nick and I both reached out to Jeremiah via Twitter’s Direct … Read More »

Big Companies vs. Small Business – Who really creates jobs?

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Today’s Friday Video Blog is about the macro economic difference between Big Companies and Small Business.  Don’t take this the wrong way.  I have nothing against Big Companies – I worked in three multi-billion / multi-national corporations before starting InnoGage.  It’s just that many times the Big dogs forget how important the small businesses are.

Big Companies vs. Small Business – Who really creates the Jobs? from TOM WILLIAMS on Vimeo.

Innovation in Corporate America – Why it’s Broken!

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Welcome to my Friday video blog.  Today’s topic is innovation in Corporate America and why we don’t see much of it in many companies.  I believe that the future of the United States depends heavily on whether or not our companies continue to innovate.

Oh, and I brush my teeth at the end of the video!

I also came across this great post by I, Cringely – on Technology.  Although the focus is not innovation, it is on job creation.   According to this post, startups systematically create jobs and new ideas while large corporations systematically kill jobs.  Very interesting perspective with an interesting parallel to my video.  I highly suggest you give it a read!

The problem with Corporate Innovation from THOMAS H WILLIAMS on Vimeo.

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