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Using visual assets for content marketing

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11th March

I recently came across some notes I took during a content marketing conference about using visuals in content marketing. While excellent text content creation is still crucial to the search engines and building a reliable resource for your clients to rely on, images can move your business blogging to the top of the charts.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of reasons to use visuals when marketing on the web. Despite the need for large amounts of text to make your blog SEO ready, we’re drowning in content. We simply don’t have enough time to read everything that is on the web. That’s obvious, but the point I want to make is that Images cut through the web content marketing like a hot knife. After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Images are also more sharable than text. … Read More »

5 steps to make your B2B Content Marketing effective

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3rd March

Is content marketing worth the weight content marketing professionals are giving it? Sure, you hear a lot of buzz about blogging for business and SEO content being a powerful marketing tool, but how do you know what the real value of your content marketing strategy is? To answer that, I think it goes back to the old adage: GIGO.

As with anything in marketing, your results are largely based on how much effort and focus you give it. But before we go too far into this post, let’s get one thing straight: there are enough companies out there who have made effective use of blogging for business that we can rest assured of its overall effectiveness as a marketing tool. But how are B2B companies, specifically, making this effort effective and successful?

There are 5 major things that … Read More »

5 ways to find content for your content marketing

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17th February

Whether or not you are computer savvy, your company needs digital content marketing. No matter the industry, client base, product or service you have, content creation is imperative to increased growth and fatter bottom lines. Not to belabor the point, but you can find examples of content driven growth here if you need more convincing.

The problem most companies have with building valuable content  for their business blog is two-fold. And, I’ll bet that you are suffering from both of these issues within your own company right now. The first problem is what our proprietary blogging software; Innoblogs, deals with and that is managing your content marketing effectively. But even before that, the single biggest problem for companies is finding what to write about.

Content creation is a barrier to entry that you should not have to lose … Read More »

Comparing a search engine marketing blog to 4 traditional marketing techniques

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5th February

I contend that your search engine marketing blog can be the most valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. But how do you know that it’s the best use of your marketing efforts? Well, whenever I get muddled by all the options presented to me I like to look back at older methods. There is something to be gained from looking at what has been done before. And, with so many different options at your disposal for marketing, it can be hard to tell what to put energy toward. Email marketing, social media updates, sales letters, business blogging, even your facebook page… where and when you should direct your efforts can be daunting. So, let’s look at some old school methods in relation to this current marketing tool to get a handle on your search engine marketing blog:

Search Lights

When was the … Read More »

3 Types of small business blogs to beat your competition

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30th January

How do you get ahead of your competition with your blogging SEO? My family’s dinner ritual might have an answer…

We play a game every night at the dinner table. We each have to ask a question for everyone to answer. A popular question from my kids starts with, “What’s your favorite…?” Every time I try to answer the “favorite” question I find myself creating qualifications and contingencies. For example: favorite cookie? Well, during the holidays, it’s Russian teacakes. In the summertime, I love frosted sugar cookies. With my cup of hot tea, you can’t beat shortbread.

This same subdivision of favorites can be put to work for your small business blogging.  Just as my favorite cookie depends on the situation, your blog can benefit from timing and circumstances. Having different launching pads that you use can breathe life into your blogging at … Read More »

How to Fix your Content Creation Strategy

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Everyone is producing content for marketing – we are flooded with marketing content. How do you break away from the crowd?

You get a content strategy… but this is short-sighted. This is inward focused, not outward. If you are all caught up with a content creation plan, you may be missing the big opportunity.

Instead of attacking a content creation strategy, you need to start with an audience strategy! Find out what your audience needs and wants. Find out what your audience is expecting and deliver that. The audience strategy focuses on the “why”, not the “what.” Audience strategy is the umbrella under which your content creation strategy rests.

Good content marketing is not about putting the right lures on the line; it is about selecting the right pond to fish in.

You can and should develop personas for your content … Read More »

Visual Content Marketing Strategies | Content Marketing World 2013

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There are two main systems of thinking: inactive and active. You need breakthrough content to move from inactive into active thinking.

As you move to active content, you must consider the many variables:

Mobile: make it quick and easy to access
Social: make it cool to share
Multi-screen: make it work everywhere
B2B meets B2C: Make it entertaining
Content Inflation: Make it unique


The newest trends in visual marketing can meet all of these variables if done well. Here’s a rundown:

Video: No one really knows how fast video is growing. In one year, non-desktop video viewing increased 6x. Of those videos, 80% were five minutes or less in length. The majority of videos that go viral on YouTube are paid to go viral. Companies will seed the video through advertising / premier placement.

Infographics: Fix the width and make it as long as you want. … Read More »

Branding in the New Age of Content Marketing

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Brands are becoming commoditized. A study conducted at Northwestern University studied people’s affinity to brands over the last 10 years and what they found is a steady decline of people’s perception of brands. This applies to both the retail outlets as well as the products being sold by those channels. Funny enough, the strongest overall brand preference was actually for Clorox Bleach! Kleenex, Gatorade and Charmin are among the few products not caught in the downward spiral.

So why is this happening to brands? Because marketers have stopped telling stories. Marketing has shifted to gimmicks, gizmos, deep discounts, apps, celebrities, deals, price promotions. While these may be effective methods to live sales, especially in the short term, it doesn’t build long-term brand loyalty.

So why is this happening? Some answers include the recession, value shifting among consumers, product commoditization, … Read More »

How to Measure a Content Marketing Program

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26th September

Many marketers don’t measure their results. Much of this is because many creative marketers have an aversion to numbers and data.

There are many challenges of measuring content marketing

Multi channel – content can flow freely from one channel to the next
Unlimited metrics – with digital we can choose from an umlimited nunber of metrics
Volume of data – the sheer volume of data is overwhelming
Frequency of data update / measurement – with some tools you can measure data in REAL time
Lacking of measurement fundamentals – measurement is largely not taught in schools

To run successful digital marketing campaigns, you need to measure both your inputs and outputs. Here are six measurement metrics you should consider.

Consumption: page views, downloads, social chatter… These are the starting point for companies but unfortunately it’s also the end point for many.

Sharing: likes, tweets, pins, +1′s email forwarding, inbound links

Lead generation:Read More »

Content Creation Strategy for eCommerce

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When it comes to content marketing and content creation, the most important thing is NOT figuring out what you will do… it’s figuring out what you WILL NOT do. For example, will you blog? will you tweet? will you create infographics? will you do video? will you chase the latest meme or hashtag?

Once you get through all the stuff you will not do, you can begin putting your strategy together. We believe you should focus your content creation on two main areas: campaigns and customers. Said another way… you need content creation campaigns that reach your customers.

So you need to reach customers with content, what kind of content should you be producing? Before you shout out “Infographics” or “Video”, let’s take another strategic exercise. What should your content do for your customers?  Inform them? Call them to … Read More »

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Using visual assets for content marketing

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