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Professional or wacky; which is the right humor for your business blog?

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27th February

Any new social invention has to pass a gauntlet of acceptance and acclamation before it becomes convention. Cellular etiquette, the proper time to use shouty caps in an email (NEVER!), anything to do with texting, and even what you should talk about on your blog, all still have a ways to go before “how to use it” becomes common knowledge.

But what, then, is the etiquette for a business blog? This has the danger of becoming a multi-post, but let’s start the conversation about blogging for business with humor.
Why humor? Well, when was the last time you saw a serious commercial? When insurance companies start cracking jokes I think it’s safe to say that everyone is using Funny to get their message across.

So, is humor something worth adding to your content marketing?

To answer that, let’s turn the … Read More »

Business Blogging for B2B : Part 2 | 7 Tips for successful content

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26th July

In our previous post about business blogging for B2B we covered wisdom of vetting your content to a sustainable group of employees and writers. We also established that ‘story’ is paramount when creating powerful content for your small business blog. So by now you should have a story, writers and your business blogging software ready to go. What now?

No matter how great your story is, the story, in-and-of itself, can only go so far. To get the most mileage for your brand, you’ll need to have a few other tricks up your sleeve. Here are 7 tools to take your story to new heights:

Timeliness – Look at any Calendar and you will see something worth commenting on every month. Creating posts a few days out from holidays, seasonal changes or Hallmark holidays, you can drive traffic … Read More »

10 Ways to Create Content Marketing that Converts

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28th April

Digital Content Marketing can be summed up with the following phrase: Stop Selling and Start Helping. Good blogging for business is rarely–if ever–about selling anything. Providing quality content and becoming a valuable resource is your best strategy for effective online content marketing.

But it’s not as easy as creating content that matters to you. To be a resource, the content creation needs to be done with multiple audiences in mind and content for different stages of the sales cycle. The problem you probably have run into, or will if given enough time, is that you created your business in a vacuum. You simply can’t know what your other audiences are thinking from your own experiences.

How can you discover your customer’s questions and discover their stories? There are dozens of ways to engage with people to get their take on … Read More »

5 steps to make your B2B Content Marketing effective

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3rd March

Is content marketing worth the weight content marketing professionals are giving it? Sure, you hear a lot of buzz about blogging for business and SEO content being a powerful marketing tool, but how do you know what the real value of your content marketing strategy is? To answer that, I think it goes back to the old adage: GIGO.

As with anything in marketing, your results are largely based on how much effort and focus you give it. But before we go too far into this post, let’s get one thing straight: there are enough companies out there who have made effective use of blogging for business that we can rest assured of its overall effectiveness as a marketing tool. But how are B2B companies, specifically, making this effort effective and successful?

There are 5 major things that … Read More »

How to Fix your Content Creation Strategy

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Everyone is producing content for marketing – we are flooded with marketing content. How do you break away from the crowd?

You get a content strategy… but this is short-sighted. This is inward focused, not outward. If you are all caught up with a content creation plan, you may be missing the big opportunity.

Instead of attacking a content creation strategy, you need to start with an audience strategy! Find out what your audience needs and wants. Find out what your audience is expecting and deliver that. The audience strategy focuses on the “why”, not the “what.” Audience strategy is the umbrella under which your content creation strategy rests.

Good content marketing is not about putting the right lures on the line; it is about selecting the right pond to fish in.

You can and should develop personas for your content … Read More »

Content Marketing | What Innogage and the Summer Olympics have in common

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If you read our blog often, you probably recognize posts by Drew Dillon, Marketing Manager at Innogage. Like other Innogagers, Drew is an enigma of talent both on and off the digital marketing field. Whereas my “off the field” talents lie mostly in music, Drew’s lie in the area of power lifting. In addition to being an awesome manager at Innogage Drew is also a trainer and agent for Olympian Holley Mangold who lifted in the women’s competition in London this year.

There is another way that Innogage is similar to the Olympics and that has to do with content. Although we may have all had a lot of resentment to NBC for not broadcasting most of the Olympics live from London, one thing they … Read More »

Search Engine Academy chooses Innoblogs as its business blogging software

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One of the things we are very proud of at innogage is our business blogging software, innoblogs. About a year ago, we got a little nuts with our blogging software and our goal to crack the ROI nut. We developed a mantra at innogage called “Search and Convert”. In other words, any enhancements to our blogging software were immediately halted if they did not relate explicitly to Search Engine Optimization or Customer Conversion – the two pieces of the ROI puzzle in social media.

The result was a cool piece of technology called the Search Engine Optimizer inside Innoblogs that coaches non-technical / non-SEO writers during the blog creation process to ensure that blog posts are strategic and driving brand, as well as being optimized for the RIGHT keywords and phrases for SEO.

Read More »

How to Create Compelling Blog Content (Guest Blog: Lori Crock)

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Last week at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) our monthly blogging roundtable group explored possible blog topics for small business owners.

Finding a suitable topic to write about can be a big stressor for bloggers. In fact, I received an email from one of my clients who gave up trying to write a blog post for today, “I went down one road and it just didn’t work …”

Even a writer on my team started a blog post on a topic last night that he hadn’t researched, and didn’t appear passionate about, and he ended up at a dead end.

My advice? It’s better not to post than to post something you don’t like and doesn’t move you closer to your marketing goals.

Here are 10 content ideas for your business blog:

1. Review an event, blog, App, website, movie, book or song. … Read More »

Balancing Keyword Density for Content Optimization

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Keyword density as it concerns content optimization, is the percentage that a keyword appears in your content, as compared to the total number of words in your content. There was a time when keyword density was extremely important to your search engine rankings. Today, not so much. At least, not in the way it used to be.

A little keyword density history
Over time, a couple of things began to happen. First, online content writers became proficient in applying keywords, and this method of website optimization became the norm. Second, webmasters began to take advantage of keywords, to the point that they abused them. Terms like keyword stuffing, search spam and spamdexing came about as a result of this abuse. Essentially, search engines are smart enough to realize when content has too many keywords and this can result … Read More »

Finding writers for your corporate blog in 5 unexpected locations

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“I want you to take the leadership position, Kent!” That was the buzzword laden phrase uttered by one of the worst managers ever. We’ll call him Pete. In this situation, Pete wanted Kent to sign up for more work with no additional pay. Kent was about 65 years old and was disgusted by the request. Kent wanted to spend time with his grandchildren, not taking the “leadership position” whatever that meant.

Pete was trying to do the right thing but he was going about it the wrong way. Pete had additional work that needed to get done and he went after the person with the most experience, Kent. Kent, however, did not want to sign up for more hours. He wasn’t climbing the corporate ladder; he was buying time until retirement. Kent just … Read More »

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Professional or wacky; which is the right humor for your business blog?

Any new social invention has to pass a gauntlet of acceptance and acclamation before it becomes convention. Cellular etiquette, the proper time...

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