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5 ways your blog call to action won’t turn people off

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31st August

If you’ve been blogging for business for any time, the issue of how to get your blogging audience to engage has probably come to mind. If it hasn’t, then you might need to reevaluate what the purpose of your business blog is.

Determining an effective call to action (CTA in the industry) for your business blogging can be both challenging and rewarding. In fact, assuming you’ve got stellar content in your small business blog, the CTA might just be what’s holding you back from killer metrics. Let’s look at 5 ways to look at your call to action that will not make people feel slimy.

1. Be clear about it: If you hope to build trust with your audience (and why wouldn’t you?), then let them know what you’re up to. Saying “click here to learn more” is not a … Read More »

Content Marketing Success | Lose the Fear

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16th December

Want to dominate in content marketing? Well, you can start by answering people’s questions.

So now you’re probably asking: “what questions”?

Well, what’s on everyone’s mind? How about Price? Problems? Comparisons? Which is the Best? What are the reviews?

That’s 5 posts right there. And those posts will drive traffic to your content marketing blog. Why? Because (assuming you actually answer these questions) you are answering the same queries that every business has. After all, you’ve asked those yourself, right?

When it comes to building links in your online content marketing, be sure to write good stuff that people want to share. Don’t hire some company to hand you links out of straw-built directories. You’ll want to take the time to grow your own links through the fertile soil of good content. It is the only way to qualify the links. And … Read More »

Search Engine Marketing News | Tips for Facebook Marketing

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25th March

If you have spent any time building content or looking into organic search engine marketing tactics, you undoubtedly have come across Facebook as a possible platform. Since Facebook started as a personal social site, you might have some reservations about building Facebook into a search engine marketing blog for your business. As we dive into this topic, you will hopefully find your niche in this rich marketing soil as well as come to understand a little more about content marketing in general.

As with any professional search engine marketing you do, you’ll want to consider the value that you’re providing to your clients and search engine bots. Your content should contain at least one of the 3 E‘s. Provide educational information, empower your audience with the tools to succeed or simply entertain them. Do any one of these things–or … Read More »

Comparing a search engine marketing blog to 4 traditional marketing techniques

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5th February

I contend that your search engine marketing blog can be the most valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. But how do you know that it’s the best use of your marketing efforts? Well, whenever I get muddled by all the options presented to me I like to look back at older methods. There is something to be gained from looking at what has been done before. And, with so many different options at your disposal for marketing, it can be hard to tell what to put energy toward. Email marketing, social media updates, sales letters, business blogging, even your facebook page… where and when you should direct your efforts can be daunting. So, let’s look at some old school methods in relation to this current marketing tool to get a handle on your search engine marketing blog:

Search Lights

When was the … Read More »

How to Increase Revenue Impact from Content Marketing

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Although you may like to think that Facebook likes are wonderful and lead to revenue, they probably don’t. People don’t really have meaningful relationships with companies. People want solutions from companies, not relationships. So how do you optimize your digital content marketing to provide those solutions, convert visitors to customers, and increase your bottom line?

Think of goals like gears, Business goals are the big gears, driving marketing goals that drive conversion optimization goals. Increasing your Facebook likes is meaningless unless there is a mechanism in place for converting those leads to prospects or clients. If your business goal is to earn a particular amount of revenue providing a particular product or service, your marketing goal might be to reach the audience for that product or service, and your conversion optimization goal might be to capture a certain percentage of leads … Read More »

Content Creation Strategy for eCommerce

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When it comes to content marketing and content creation, the most important thing is NOT figuring out what you will do… it’s figuring out what you WILL NOT do. For example, will you blog? will you tweet? will you create infographics? will you do video? will you chase the latest meme or hashtag?

Once you get through all the stuff you will not do, you can begin putting your strategy together. We believe you should focus your content creation on two main areas: campaigns and customers. Said another way… you need content creation campaigns that reach your customers.

So you need to reach customers with content, what kind of content should you be producing? Before you shout out “Infographics” or “Video”, let’s take another strategic exercise. What should your content do for your customers?  Inform them? Call them to … Read More »

Using Digital Marketing to Recover a Failing Brand | Ford Focus

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The Ford Focus was not a good brand. In fact, the brand was in such bad shape that there were online groups dedicated to hating on the Focus. So put yourself in Ford’s shoes for a minute… would you kill the brand or try to save it?

Ford decided that the brand, although not well liked or respected, still had a ton of recognition… and that is real value. They decided to try to save the brand using some creative digital marketing.

The Ford marketing team, led by Scott Monty, knew they needed something radical to turn the tide, which is very difficult at any large company. They needed to go rogue.

Ford hired an agency and created a series of webisodes using a hilarious puppet named Doug. Apparently HR was not too pleased with … Read More »

15 Nudge Marketing Tactics | SEO Meets User Experience Part Three

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Welcome to Part III of the blog mini-series about Nudge Marketing with content from the Rand Fishkin presentation from NMX in Las Vegas. If you missed parts I and II, I encourage you to read those first and then come back to this blog post.

You can find Part I at this link, and Part II at this link.

To recap very quickly, Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz talked about a new kind of marketing when you slowly and consistently nudge your prospects and customers to take small actionable steps that benefit them and you. In the digital marketing space, this can take on many different appearances depending on what kind of business you have and who … Read More »

15 Nudge Marketing Tactics | SEO Meets User Experience Part Two

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Thanks for reading installment No. 2 of my short series on Nudge Marketing. This is a continuation of 15 Nudge Marketing Tactics from the New Media Expo Conference with speaker Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz.

To recap quickly, Rand Fishkin spoke about Nudge Marketing at the New Media Expo (#NMX) in Las Vegas recently and I was lucky enough to hear his presentation. I blogged about Nudge Marketing Tactics 1-5 in an earlier post. If you have not seen that one yet, I encourage you to read it first and then come back to this post. For each tactic, I list the tactic from Rand and then provide my commentary in the [brackets] to expand on the subject matter.

Without further adieu, here are Nudge Marketing … Read More »

15 Nudge Marketing Tactics | SEO Meets User Experience Part One

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Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz spoke at the New Media Expo (#NMX) in Las Vegas recently and I was lucky enough to snag a seat in the back of the packed room. He talked about a new kind of marketing psychology he called Nudge Marketing. Much of what Rand said came as a flashback to me from several behavioral classes I took during my MBA coursework at Kellogg.

Here are the first 5 of the 15 Nudge Marketing tactics Rand covered in his presentation along with some additional explanatory commentary [in brackets] from me.

Nudge Marketing Tactics 1-5

1. A ton of people can’t be wrong. [Use a statistic to make people think they are not in the cool crowd if they don’t use you. For example, we could say, “4 out of 5 social media experts … Read More »

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