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How to Increase Revenue Impact from Content Marketing

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Although you may like to think that Facebook likes are wonderful and lead to revenue, they probably don’t. People don’t really have meaningful relationships with companies. People want solutions from companies, not relationships. So how do you optimize your digital content marketing to provide those solutions, convert visitors to customers, and increase your bottom line?

Think of goals like gears, Business goals are the big gears, driving marketing goals that drive conversion optimization goals. Increasing your Facebook likes is meaningless unless there is a mechanism in place for converting those leads to prospects or clients. If your business goal is to earn a particular amount of revenue providing a particular product or service, your marketing goal might be to reach the audience for that product or service, and your conversion optimization goal might be to capture a certain percentage of leads … Read More »

Are business blogs with high bounce rates good or bad?

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With your business blog, you need to be careful how you interpret the bounce rate. It’s very different than your traditional website – where you want people to go from page to page, filling up their shopping carts or browsing all the different products and services that you have to offer.

Blogs traditionally have very high bounce rates because of the nature of how a blog works. As more and more people find your business blog from keywords in posts, they will begin landing on specific blog post pages (not the blog homepage). From here, there are several scenarios. Here are a few:

1) they continue reading through your business blog and go through a lot of posts. This may be fine – i.e. it builds the brand, people like your content…etc. However, it could also … Read More »

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