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Using Digital Marketing to Recover a Failing Brand | Ford Focus

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The Ford Focus was not a good brand. In fact, the brand was in such bad shape that there were online groups dedicated to hating on the Focus. So put yourself in Ford’s shoes for a minute… would you kill the brand or try to save it?

Ford decided that the brand, although not well liked or respected, still had a ton of recognition… and that is real value. They decided to try to save the brand using some creative digital marketing.

The Ford marketing team, led by Scott Monty, knew they needed something radical to turn the tide, which is very difficult at any large company. They needed to go rogue.

Ford hired an agency and created a series of webisodes using a hilarious puppet named Doug. Apparently HR was not too pleased with … Read More »

Branding Case Study: when to go back to the drawing board | Grab A Desk

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I have a passion for small business and entrepreneurship. My passion stems from many sources. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are usually at the epicenter of  job creation, creativity, risk taking, the chance to do something amazing…etc. Consistent with my passion, I recently co-founded a Collaboration and Coworking space in Uptown Westerville Ohio. (I live in Westerville).

The name I had originally chosen for this space was the WestervilleCoCo. CoCo was short for Collaboration and Coworking. Everyone love it! People were buzzing talking about the “CoCo”. I thought I had really struck oil. I moved forward with logo development and we hit on a really cool design.

Then – just before we printed a huge sign -the oil well ran dry. Our attorneys called and said “we have a problem… CoCo is already trademarked for coworking”

Dead … Read More »

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Content Marketing and Business Blogging – a quick overview

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I was recently asked to lecture on Content Marketing and Business Blogging at Sinclair College in Dayton Ohio. What I love about presenting at conferences and colleges is it always makes me take a big step back and look at the information through fresh eyes.

This time I added a new classification to content channels. I had always talked about the “home base” (websites and blogs) and social “outposts” (facebook, twitter, linkedin…) but I never had a good description for channels that you control but that don’t really “live” on a Home base or an outpost. Channels such as Webinars, Email Marketing, Podcasts, Whitepapers…etc.

You’ll have to check out my presentation on slideshare below to find out what new bucket I created for these media channels! I know it’s always hard to view a presentation without the verbal commentary so if you … Read More »

InnoGage joins the WhippleHill Technology Ecosystem with InnoBlogs: Collaborative Blogging Platform

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InnoGage was recently accepted into the WhippleHill Communications Technology Ecosystem. WhippleHill Communications provides targeted communications solutions for independent schools seeking next-generation Web services. In addition to offering their proprietary technology, Podium, WhippleHill partners with best-in-breed technology companies to extend their offerings without over-extending their expertise. It is an honor to be counted among so many other great companies such as HubSpot, Google and Omniture, and many more. Be sure to visit WhippleHill’s Ecosystem page to check out all the great partner companies.

For InnoGage, this is a significant affirmation that our InnoBlogs product drives real value to many markets including education. InnoBlogs currently powers both the Student collaborative blog, Journeys, as well as … Read More »

McKinsey Study: Companies embracing a Social Media Strategy are finding a positive ROI

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The social media fight in established companies has been ongoing for years now with  a few visionaries going “all-in” with Social Media and inbound marketing, an equal amount doing nothing at all.  Most, however, have been sitting on the fence (this is the 10-10-80 principle you may have heard of).  With the help of  some years of data and great companies like McKinsey taking the time to study results, I think we’re going to see a lot more fence sitters getting on board.

The McKinsey study is no small undertaking – polling over 3,000 executives with a 2/3 response rate.  From our perspective at InnoGage, we were thrilled to see the number of companies engaging in Corporate Blogging increasing to 38 percent! We’ve passed that critical 1/3 adoption rate.  We believe that number will … Read More »

Our business blogging software really is incredibly easy to use – case study

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One of the things that drives me nuts about most software is the disconnect between the technical coders and the nontechnical users.  Have you ever bumbled around inside Facebook or Flikr?  I have.  Just because you have a huge presence doesn’t mean that creating intuitive software is easy!  At InnoGage, we strive to make our business blogging software incredibly easy to use.  It’s part of our core mission.  I was encouraged recently to discover that we are doing something right with ease of use…

Case Study: the InnoBlogs Search Engine Optimizer at Incept

We recently released InnoBlogs version 1.4 which changes the business blogging game.  Simply put, I got tired of not being able to answer the CFO’s question of “what’s my return on investment (ROI)”.  I know there are many people who believe that you shouldn’t … Read More »

Foursquare – transitioning to Digital Marketing

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I logged into my FourSquare to check in at my office today and I saw something new! A little green button with “special offer” dropped down. When I clicked it, it took me to the following ad below as part of a marketing campaign that Starbucks was running.

Foursquare monetizing already!

In case you can’t read this it says the following:

Welcome to Starbucks
650 S. Third St.

As mayor of this store, enjoy $1 off a NEW however-you-want-it Frappuccino blended beverage. Any size, any flavor. Over valid until 6/28

(Tue May 18 @ 1:45 PM) (2010)

What I like about this marketing plan is the ad was non-intrusive (as ads go).  I actually had to take an action on my phone to see the ad – good interactive marketing.  It didn’t just pop up … Read More »

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