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Search Engine Marketing News | Tips for Facebook Marketing

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25th March

If you have spent any time building content or looking into organic search engine marketing tactics, you undoubtedly have come across Facebook as a possible platform. Since Facebook started as a personal social site, you might have some reservations about building Facebook into a search engine marketing blog for your business. As we dive into this topic, you will hopefully find your niche in this rich marketing soil as well as come to understand a little more about content marketing in general.

As with any professional search engine marketing you do, you’ll want to consider the value that you’re providing to your clients and search engine bots. Your content should contain at least one of the 3 E‘s. Provide educational information, empower your audience with the tools to succeed or simply entertain them. Do any one of these things–or … Read More »

5 Steps for Search Engine Optimization in a Local Area

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Businesses that serve a small local area always want data down to their neighbors for their SEO. I don’t blame them, but unfortunately we can’t spy on our neighbors through their windows without having some legal problems. So we turn to our great internet search tools to find out what our neighbors are looking for and how they put it into words. PROBLEM! There isn’t enough data in Google for this area…

As a business that is pushing into the internet marketing world you have probably come across this problem when looking at a very specific geographical regions. I’m talking about towns, townships, small cities, and places where the town center may just be a post office!

We face this same problem with clients who sell to local cities and towns. Local search engine optimization tips are something our clients ask … Read More »

4 WordPress Plugins that can dramatically improve SEO today

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There are advanced processes in websites that can be made simple in minutes. This is one reason why I am such a huge fan of WordPress and the WordPress community. We all face the same problems and tasks with our blog, and the developer community responds by making quick additions to the WordPress system via WordPress Plugins.

When I first started blogging I realized there were a number of things that I wanted to do that would make my blogging better. However, I didn’t have a deep understanding of code to where I could just start writing from scratch. Then I found WordPress Plugins and quickly realized you can treat the plugin directory much like you treat Google. Put in your problem and it will list plugins developers have created to address that problem! And most are FREE! WOW!

Here are … Read More »

Is your digital marketing plan ready for mobile 2014?

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My next few blog posts will be dedicated to the topic of mobile technology and how it relates to your marketing mix of digital marketing and search engine optimization by helping you reach your customers and readers more effectively.

Mobile is coming at us fast.  By 2014 the number of users accessing the internet via mobile devices is predicted to overtake traditional desktop and laptop usage.


Stay tuned for what you can and should be doing to ensure you are ready for the mobile revolution, already underway. We’ll help you navigate this new landscape strategically by going over the low hanging fruit, the must-haves and most importantly, what you should NOT be going right now.

Content Marketing and Business Blogging – a quick overview

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I was recently asked to lecture on Content Marketing and Business Blogging at Sinclair College in Dayton Ohio. What I love about presenting at conferences and colleges is it always makes me take a big step back and look at the information through fresh eyes.

This time I added a new classification to content channels. I had always talked about the “home base” (websites and blogs) and social “outposts” (facebook, twitter, linkedin…) but I never had a good description for channels that you control but that don’t really “live” on a Home base or an outpost. Channels such as Webinars, Email Marketing, Podcasts, Whitepapers…etc.

You’ll have to check out my presentation on slideshare below to find out what new bucket I created for these media channels! I know it’s always hard to view a presentation without the verbal commentary so if you … Read More »

The Panda Algorithm Update

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You may have heard that Google changed it’s algorithm. This change was commonly called the Panda update. The intent of the update was to limit the power of website scrapers and award websites that produce the original content.

McKinsey Study: Companies embracing a Social Media Strategy are finding a positive ROI

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The social media fight in established companies has been ongoing for years now with  a few visionaries going “all-in” with Social Media and inbound marketing, an equal amount doing nothing at all.  Most, however, have been sitting on the fence (this is the 10-10-80 principle you may have heard of).  With the help of  some years of data and great companies like McKinsey taking the time to study results, I think we’re going to see a lot more fence sitters getting on board.

The McKinsey study is no small undertaking – polling over 3,000 executives with a 2/3 response rate.  From our perspective at InnoGage, we were thrilled to see the number of companies engaging in Corporate Blogging increasing to 38 percent! We’ve passed that critical 1/3 adoption rate.  We believe that number will … Read More »

Our business blogging software really is incredibly easy to use – case study

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One of the things that drives me nuts about most software is the disconnect between the technical coders and the nontechnical users.  Have you ever bumbled around inside Facebook or Flikr?  I have.  Just because you have a huge presence doesn’t mean that creating intuitive software is easy!  At InnoGage, we strive to make our business blogging software incredibly easy to use.  It’s part of our core mission.  I was encouraged recently to discover that we are doing something right with ease of use…

Case Study: the InnoBlogs Search Engine Optimizer at Incept

We recently released InnoBlogs version 1.4 which changes the business blogging game.  Simply put, I got tired of not being able to answer the CFO’s question of “what’s my return on investment (ROI)”.  I know there are many people who believe that you shouldn’t … Read More »

Social Media Optimization (SMO) – passing up SEO?

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I read a great article yesterday by Ben Elowitz on the rising importance of Social Media Optimization or SMO.  In this article, Ben predicts the death of SEO as SMO continues to rise to power pushed along by the partnership between Facebook and Bing.  So, is Search Engine Optimization actually dead?  Is Google shaking in their boots as reactive (vs. predictive) searching falls by the wayside?

Well, probably not quite yet.

Before you throw your SEO strategy out the window in favor of SMO I would caution you that a blended approach is probably the best bet for now.  If you’re doing neither SEO nor SMO, you may be in trouble (contact us!)  If you are doing only SEO or SMO, you are likely leaving value on the table.

The reason I think … Read More »

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