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innoblogs’ mention got us thinking | Special Post

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11th February

A recent mention of our new marketing technology innoblogs, has got me thinking of another way to drive readership and gain the marketing and technology edge for your content marketing. Read on to see how to diplomatically accept accolades in a way that doesn’t come across as haughty or somehow upset your blog audience.

If you are spending any time on the web with your business blogging or content marketing, you will eventually incur some degree of attention. If the attention is positive and unsolicited, your first thought might be to shout “Look at Us!”. And, although a humble appreciation might be acceptable, consider seizing this opportunity to give a little more.

Call Attention to the Business That Mentioned You :  We all like traffic when we can get it; it’s what content … Read More »

Search Engine Marketing News | Tips for Facebook Marketing

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25th March

If you have spent any time building content or looking into organic search engine marketing tactics, you undoubtedly have come across Facebook as a possible platform. Since Facebook started as a personal social site, you might have some reservations about building Facebook into a search engine marketing blog for your business. As we dive into this topic, you will hopefully find your niche in this rich marketing soil as well as come to understand a little more about content marketing in general.

As with any professional search engine marketing you do, you’ll want to consider the value that you’re providing to your clients and search engine bots. Your content should contain at least one of the 3 E‘s. Provide educational information, empower your audience with the tools to succeed or simply entertain them. Do any one of these things–or … Read More »

5 Steps for Search Engine Optimization in a Local Area

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Businesses that serve a small local area always want data down to their neighbors for their SEO. I don’t blame them, but unfortunately we can’t spy on our neighbors through their windows without having some legal problems. So we turn to our great internet search tools to find out what our neighbors are looking for and how they put it into words. PROBLEM! There isn’t enough data in Google for this area…

As a business that is pushing into the internet marketing world you have probably come across this problem when looking at a very specific geographical regions. I’m talking about towns, townships, small cities, and places where the town center may just be a post office!

We face this same problem with clients who sell to local cities and towns. Local search engine optimization tips are something our clients ask … Read More »

Business Blogging – Building Trust One Step at a Time

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Last week I put together what I feel are the first two steps to building trust when it comes to business blogging. “Purpose” gives us direction, and its connotation to me

portrays a reason why others would want to trust you. They believe in your purpose, and they are either striving to go in the direction you are creating too or would like to see you succeed in your purpose. A purpose in a business plan is something people can connect to emotionally and believe in at a deeper level.

Here is the next step…

Appear “polished” when people are looking.

How does “polish” build trust you may ask… Have you ever been to a site where you can tell they shot the images themselves? How about their headshots? Or do they not have a … Read More »

Foursquare – transitioning to Digital Marketing

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I logged into my FourSquare to check in at my office today and I saw something new! A little green button with “special offer” dropped down. When I clicked it, it took me to the following ad below as part of a marketing campaign that Starbucks was running.

Foursquare monetizing already!

In case you can’t read this it says the following:

Welcome to Starbucks
650 S. Third St.

As mayor of this store, enjoy $1 off a NEW however-you-want-it Frappuccino blended beverage. Any size, any flavor. Over valid until 6/28

(Tue May 18 @ 1:45 PM) (2010)

What I like about this marketing plan is the ad was non-intrusive (as ads go).  I actually had to take an action on my phone to see the ad – good interactive marketing.  It didn’t just pop up … Read More »

LinkedIn Recommendations – Valuable or Waste of Time

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My LinkedIn profile is only 85% complete and sadly, it’s going to stay that way for as long as I can foresee.  Why?  Because I don’t have any recommendations on LinkedIn.

Now before you start feeling sorry for me – like I’m some kind of friendless Schmuck who no ones likes, realize that this is largely self-inflicted.  You see, I don’t really WANT any recommendations on LinkedIn because honestly, I just don’t see the point.

Now LinkedIn claims that “Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn”.  In order to get “complete profile” status, you have to have, not one, not two, but  THREE recommendations!  So, I guess I’ll be missing out on all those “LinkedIn Opportunities”…whatever that means!  In MBA speak, I would … Read More »

Toobla – Best way to gather and organize content on the Web

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There is a new Delicious in town – it’s called Toobla!  Toobla is simply the coolest way to gather and organize content on the Web.  This innovative startup was created by entrepreneur Jake Saxbe.  As web content continued to grow at an exponential rate, Jake realized there should be a better way to organize content across the web – using a rich visual interface instead of just URL links.

What’s really cool about Toobla is that not only can you visually organize web pages, videos, photos…etc. into buckets, but then you can share that entire aggregated bucket with whoever you want!  You can even embed your containers on websites and most blogs via the Toobla embed code.

Check out the InnoGage Toobla channel … Read More »

Another Niche Social Network?

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I have sat back in disbelief more than once watching a company or organization throw up a niche social network with virtually no thought about “why” anyone would join…or more importantly why they would come back over and over.

There was a great post about this on The Old College Try blog.  In an attempt to not create the wheel on this one, I will defer to these guys for the details.  Link is below…it’s a quick read and well worth it.

Will Tweetdeck save Twitter from Facebook?

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I downloaded the new version of TweetDeck today and something immediately caught my eye…

Notice anything?  Like…..that little Facebook checkbox?
You’ve probably noticed that Facebook recently changed it’s main page to look just like a tweet stream.  This was their response to the massive following twitter is receiving.  Many people immediately declared the Death of Twitter! …But not me.
Even though Facebook is a scary foe (perhaps second only to Google) Twitter has built a very loyal following.  With TweetDeck’s new function to load tweets simultaneously to twitter and Facebook, it keeps Twitter as the primary engine and relegates Facebook to nothing more than a twitter aggregator.
How will Facebook respond to this?  Who knows…but I think it’s time they made Twitter a real offer.
For the other cool new stuff TweetDeck added with v.025, see the image from TweetDeck below or just visit their … Read More »

How to WIN with Social Media

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I was asked recently in an interview when was the right time for a college or university to begin “giving up control” of their message. My response:

You already have.

Social media has really changed the rules, but don’t be sad. This is a good thing. It’s a good thing for you and for prospective students. It’s a good thing for humanity. In the past, spin doctors and crafty ad agencies could project false images of a company or a college, making most people believe a myth. Those days are gone and I say good riddance. Control of brands and messages is not just the product of an advertising message any more, but the result of the collective crowd.

But what does this mean for YOU?

If you are a college that practices what … Read More »

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innoblogs’ mention got us thinking | Special Post

A recent mention of our new marketing technology innoblogs, has got me thinking of another way to...