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10 ways to keep content marketing from going cold

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15th April

So we talk all the time about content marketing and blogging in this blog, not just because innoblogs is a great content marketing tool, but because marketing through words, blogs, and SEO is a great way to leverage the internet for your business. Check the stats: Content Marketing is a heavyweight in the world of marketing.

But how do you keep the material coming in? And how do you keep the content relevant? I mean, flooding the web with more flotsam just to get SEO points isn’t going to score the points you want with the carbon based audience you’re attracting.

In an attempt to inject your business blogging with renewed sense of purpose, here are 10 ways to set a fire under your web content marketing:

1. Front load with tons of evergreen content - Try writing … Read More »

innoblogs’ mention got us thinking | Special Post

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11th February

A recent mention of our new marketing technology innoblogs, has got me thinking of another way to drive readership and gain the marketing and technology edge for your content marketing. Read on to see how to diplomatically accept accolades in a way that doesn’t come across as haughty or somehow upset your blog audience.

If you are spending any time on the web with your business blogging or content marketing, you will eventually incur some degree of attention. If the attention is positive and unsolicited, your first thought might be to shout “Look at Us!”. And, although a humble appreciation might be acceptable, consider seizing this opportunity to give a little more.

Call Attention to the Business That Mentioned You :  We all like traffic when we can get it; it’s what content … Read More »

Amazon EC2: Pulling the Trigger and Making the Jump to the Cloud

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28th October

At Innogage, we use the Amazon EC2 Cloud to backup all our client blogs on our Innoblogs platform. When we need guidance on Cloud Technologies, we turn to SLF Solutions here in Columbus Ohio. These guys are among the best when it comes to cloud migration and consulting. That is why I was pleased when they approached us for a guest blog post on working with AWS and EC2 Cloud Consultants. I hope you enjoy this post from SLFSolutions founder and CEO, Shawn Fultz.

Whether you’re calculating Amazon EC2 pricing or just exploring whether migrating to Microsoft cloud storage would make economic sense for your company, you’re probably both excited and a bit bewildered. On the one hand, you are well aware of the drawbacks of your current hardware dependent … Read More »

4 Quick Tips to Make Pinterest Work for Your Company

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Pinterest can be a tremendous tool for digital target marketing. However, one could make the argument that it’s worse to Pin poorly than not to pin at all. I’m going to take a slightly less extreme stand and just say that it’s important to Pin well. As you move forward with digital marketing campaigns or strategies, here are a few simple steps to make Pinterest work for you and your company.

Make your site a Pin-cushion: install a Pin It button on your blog (…you do have a blog, right?), make sure every content page has an attractive and relevant image showcasing your product or services, and invite people to follow your own Pinterest account. (Follow me for photos, fashion, food, and fat things that waddle.)
Don’t have a Pinterest account? Well, go ahead and create one. (It’s … Read More »

Make Your Digital Target Marketing Stick with Pinterest: 5 Ways I use Pinterest

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Pinterest has a reputation of being the domain of stay-at-home moms or school teachers with too much glitter, hot glue, and time on their hands.  But the digital pinboard site is actually a powerful marketing tool, not least because of that vast female audience. (Remember who holds the purse strings!)

At this point, I will openly disclose that I am part of that female audience and far from immune to the allure of, “Ooooh, shiny, I want.” But I’m also a photographer, a blogger, a digital marketing strategist and a business builder, and the visual, intuitive nature of Pinterest lends itself well to marketing to someone like me. A few of the ways I use Pinterest, both as a marketer and a marketee:

I pin my own photos to increase my exposure, using a handy little WordPress plug-in on … Read More »

Social Media is Not a Magic Pill

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There was a great article recently on Forbes by Haydn Shaughnessy about how Apple is getting beat up in social media but their sales don’t seem to be affected.  It hit on a chord that has been in my mind for a while. Something that I discuss with clients very often. Social media is not a magic pill. There must be a strategy, and it must tie in with business goals! Oh, and don’t forget your product and service remain king. Lets look at the facts.

The two examples Shaughnessy, who keeps up on digital marketing news, supplied in his article are perfect because I have personal experience with both companies. I own four apple products, and I owned a Kodak printer not that long ago. Apple has given me … Read More »

Gaming Strategy for Digital Target Marketing | Blogging from Content Marketing World

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We talk about a lot of digital marketing trends at Innogage. Today we are talking about Games! Game strategy or gamification is the strategy of adding game components into your content for digital target marketing. If you are looking to increase engagement, game strategy can be a game changer (pun intended) for you!

Gamification came onto the big scene around 2011. You have probably seen examples on Facebook and Foursquare. Adding a game layer to your marketing can add FUN for the customer.

Don’t think your target customers are into playing games? The Entertainment Software Association found that in 2011, 72% of American households play computer or video games. The average game player’s age was 37, with most gamers in the 18- to 49-year-old bracket. Interestingly, the proportion of female gamers increased to 42%.

So why does gamification work? What is … Read More »

4 Reasons to Wow – Digital Marketing News

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I had an interaction with a business this week that blew my mind! At Innogage, we talk about digital marketing trends a lot. In my opinion, Jimmy Johns, the sandwich shop, is quickly becoming a leader. Jimmy Johns has made huge investments in delivering sandwiches. They have built out a great online ordering system, making great use of technology.

Clearly, Jimmy Johns has invested in technology, but that doesn’t mean it will work. However, Jimmy Johns made it work!

I have used Jimmy Johns online order system a number of times. A quick log-in and the system has saved the store closest to me and my favorite sandwiches. However, I just recently moved and the system informs me I’m no longer in the area to be served!

I’m not far from the store, but … Read More »

What the Five(ish) | LIVE from Content Marketing World!

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How to Reboot Your Content For a Mobile World by Mitch Joel, Author of Six Pixels of Separation

Marketers today are terribly confused in the world of online content marketing. Everyone is preaching a different method and things are changing so fast Marketers are spinning.  What we do know is that there is a massive shift from indirect relationship to direct relationship.

If you connect with a brand (like Target) on Facebook and then purchase headphones (Beats by Dre) from Target… where is the directly relationship? is it between you and Beats by Dre? Is it between you and Target? Maybe it’s between you and Facebook? Who knows… maybe it’s all THREE! So the connection goes Beats by Dre, through Target, enabled by Facebook, recommended by your friends, to you.

The complexity of marketing has not decreased with technology – it has … Read More »

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