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Content Creation for Business Blogs

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I work with clients on content creation continuously when they sign up to use the Innoblogs Business Blogging Platform. There are 3 main stages that we go through.

1. Implementation planning
2. Implementation/content building
3. Continue content creation and blog maintenance

During the implementation planning stage we discuss the the goals of their content and blog. Also, we discuss the voice they will use to accomplish these goals. These two building blocks lay the framework that we’ll use to be successful with this tool, and not to get lost from where we originally wanted to go!

Implementation and content building is the time where we build up some content for the launch of our blog. The developers are quickly putting the nuts and bolts together so we have time to prep. Since we know our overall goals and … Read More »

4 WordPress Plugins that can dramatically improve SEO today

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There are advanced processes in websites that can be made simple in minutes. This is one reason why I am such a huge fan of WordPress and the WordPress community. We all face the same problems and tasks with our blog, and the developer community responds by making quick additions to the WordPress system via WordPress Plugins.

When I first started blogging I realized there were a number of things that I wanted to do that would make my blogging better. However, I didn’t have a deep understanding of code to where I could just start writing from scratch. Then I found WordPress Plugins and quickly realized you can treat the plugin directory much like you treat Google. Put in your problem and it will list plugins developers have created to address that problem! And most are FREE! WOW!

Here are … Read More »

Business Blogging: 3 Quick Ways to Get Subscribers

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I heard a great debate today at a client site between to executive team members about their blog.

What is better… an RSS subscriber or an email subscriber?

The battle between the team members was one I have heard before. It reminded me of something I read from Michael Hyatt. A subscriber is a subscriber, right? Wrong…

Email subscriptions in the blogging world are the creme de le creme. It is your list, your asset, your gold that you should place into Fort Knox. With an email subscription list you have total control over the messages sent to your readers.

Here is a quick email benefit list:

You can send a message to readers whenever you would like… with RSS you must write a post!
Email in-boxes gain you a higher level of trust with your readers
Email lists can be … Read More »

3 Content Creators for your Business Blogging

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In my last post I discussed keeping your blog consistent against all the pressures of work we already face.

This week I want to share 3 content creators that should always be in your mind as you go through your day. They might be a form of “zen motivation”… or just quick way you can get your thoughts out to a world that can benefit from them.

News and current public events – This is a “no-brainer”… Grab a newspaper in the morning, turn on the today show while you eat breakfast, or scan your favorite blogs through an RSS feed to find and connect what is currently effecting the world to your blog and business. I have seen great jumps in google activity when you hit on something that is … Read More »

Social Media Strategy: 3 Things to Know Before Diving In

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Having spent some time in the military, I’m all for differentiating between social media tactics and social media strategy. When it comes to social media, however, many companies overlook, or are not aware of the power and the implications that exist with engaging the company in social media. Consequently, companies will rush in to get a Facebook page, a blog or some other social media profile because “everyone is doing it,” and they fail to set up a strategy, a plan for their activities. The resulting abandoned blog, and Facebook fanpage with little activity is proof to them that this “whole social media thing” doesn’t really work.

But this is not true. A company wouldn’t be successful without a business strategy. In the same way, social media engagement can only be successful if and when the company is willing to … Read More »

Why e-marketing communication is so important for your business or organization

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I sat down with two members of the Westerville School board this morning to discuss the tough situation facing the district. Westerville is, like many communities, experiencing a financial crunch with decreased property valuations, delinquent tax payments and less money from the State. A levy to close the gap recently failed by a large margin (60/40) in a district that rarely fails levies.

“Rarely does the rumor mill
work in your favor.”

What happened and what does it mean for me and my business or organization?

I believe the levy primarily failed because of lack of communication – basically lack of a marketing plan. Even though the district was experiencing financial hardships, no real information was communicated or marketing campaign launched until just before the levy.  The information that was available was either hard to understand or high level. This … Read More »

You think you know what mobile is… but I seriously doubt it

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Until I was asked to present on mobile technology at a recent conference, I thought I knew what mobile was.  After a lot of research and a lot of thinking, I was surprised to find out that I really didn’t know how to properly define “mobile“. When I asked the room of attendees at the conference if they knew what mobile was, most hands went up.  By the time I was done talking, most people weren’t so sure.

So…What makes a device “mobile” and more importantly, how should digital information render on a mobile device?

You may think that portability is synonymous with mobile, as many at the conference first believed. But that means that all laptops are mobile devices and really, any desktop you can put in your car trunk … Read More »

Chris Brogan, Danny Brown, and Jason Falls debate affiliate links on Twitter

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I was part of an interesting debate that broke on Twitter today.  Chris Brogan tweeted out a link for StudioPress but did not disclose in the link that he is an affiliate partner for StudioPress.  An Affiliate is a social media marketing technique where if someone clicks on the link Chris provides and then purchases the product, Chris receives a commission on the sale.

Chris was not being sneaky here, quite honestly it probably didn’t occur to him or he just ran out of room in the Tweet.  Although most people know Chris is an affiliate for StudioPress, many do not. Danny Brown happened to see the tweet, noted the affiliate link was not disclosed in the tweet and called … Read More »

Our business blogging software really is incredibly easy to use – case study

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One of the things that drives me nuts about most software is the disconnect between the technical coders and the nontechnical users.  Have you ever bumbled around inside Facebook or Flikr?  I have.  Just because you have a huge presence doesn’t mean that creating intuitive software is easy!  At InnoGage, we strive to make our business blogging software incredibly easy to use.  It’s part of our core mission.  I was encouraged recently to discover that we are doing something right with ease of use…

Case Study: the InnoBlogs Search Engine Optimizer at Incept

We recently released InnoBlogs version 1.4 which changes the business blogging game.  Simply put, I got tired of not being able to answer the CFO’s question of “what’s my return on investment (ROI)”.  I know there are many people who believe that you shouldn’t … Read More »

Nike’s video on Facebook – Is Nike cheating? I say yes!

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I picked up a tweet from Jean-Philippe (JP) Maheu, CEO of Publicis Modem, about a great execution by Nike on a Facebook video.  I have a lot of respect for JP, having followed his career and hearing him speak several times, most recently at the last Kellogg School of Management Marketing Conference.

So, I naturally hit his link to the video to see how good this execution was.  I was instantly Shocked, however, to discover that the only way I could view this video was to FIRST click “LIKE” on the FB Fan Page.  Let me make this perfectly clear.

Nike made me commit to Liking their video BEFORE they let me see it.

So… I clicked “Like” and then was permitted to watch the video.  To Nike’s credit – it was a beautiful execution.  Once of the best I have ever … Read More »

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