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Getting Creative: Sponsoring Social Media at the eduWEB Conference 2009

Posted on 14th July, by Tom Williams in Conferences. 2 Comments

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I love conferences.  They are a great place to network and you can learn a ton from the sessions and panels.  Not to mention they are usually in a pretty cool location.  However, most conferences have this uncomfortable vendor / patron thing going on.  The vendors sit around in their booths hoping someone will actually stop by who’s interested and the patrons stroll the vendor area wondering what they are going to do with all those pens.

So…in an effort to not stand around in a booth, throwing pens at passers by, we decided to do something a little creative this year!  Working with Shelley Wetzel from the eduWEB conference, we teamed up with Jadu and are sponsoring some Social Media at this year’s conference!  InnoGage Jadu ShirtWe tracked down a couple college students from DePaul University and Columbia College Chicago to cruise the conference taking still images and shooting video.  You will be able to recognize them by their cool Tshirts (see image on the right).  They will then do some light edit work to spruce up the videos and load the images and video to the eduWEB Flickr page and the video to the eduWEB YouTube channel.

The official channels for the conference are below.  If you are attending, please bookmark these and throw your video and photos up as well for all to see and use.  If you’re not attending, just tune in once the conference starts.  Images and video will be hitting these sites continually throughout the day.



Twitter Hashtag: #eduweb09

By the end of the conference there should be a plethora of content on the eduWEB channels that anyone can grab and embed into a blog or link to from twitter or facebook…You get the idea!  I am very excited to be working alongside the great folks from Jadu to make this happen and to add value to the conference, the patrons and the other vendors!

Kicking it eduWEB style

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