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Models of Content Marketing | Content Marketing World 2013

Posted on 17th September, by Tom Williams in Conferences, Content Marketing. No Comments

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I’m sitting in a session with Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute (who, by the way, is a very good pianist) at Content Marketing World 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio. The topic of discussion: different models of content marketing creation.

According to Rose, there are four content marketing archetypes or personalities: Promoter, Preacher, Professor and Poet


Promoter: Needs and Wants. Content that is focused on sales. It can include product sheets, website content, case studies, whitepapers.

Preacher: Discovery and Knowledge. Content that drives engagement. This is where your corporate blog lives! You also pull in SEO and social channels for communication and distribution.

Professor: Teaching and Instructing. Content that helps people. This content builds trust and builds relationships. examples include webinars, apps, online tools and even answering people’s questions.

Poet: Stories and Emotions. Content that binds our brand into the audience belief system. In marketing-ese, this is sometimes referred to as “laddering up” the emotions.

Which method is best for you and your company? It’s likely a mix of all four, since your audience of leads and prospects is as diverse as the Internet is large. You’ll need to do well at each of these if you want to reach the maximal audience. Failing to incorporate elements of all four archetypes into a digital content marketing strategy may lead to some of the common difficulties B2B companies run into when trying to craft a successful content marketing strategy.

  • 30% say there is not enough time. One of the archetypes is dominating the others, and chances are, it’s the Promoter, scurrying around constantly trying to meet the clients’ immediate needs.
  • 11% say they can’t produce enough content. The Professor or Poet might be leading the pack, but taking way too much time on each webinar or lengthy story blog post.
  • 11% say they don’t think they can produce enough engagement with their content. The Preacher might be on vacation, and without him dialoguing with users on social media, interest and engagement drops.

Bringing the four archetypes into balance can help make content marketing more manageable. If you’re fortunate you will have someone (more likely multiple someones) on your team who embody each of these archetypes. To start, you can try producing versions of the same content in the “voice” of each model, even if not all of them are refined enough to share.

What’s your predominant content marketing archetype? Share in the comments below!


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