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Visual Content Marketing Strategies | Content Marketing World 2013

Posted on 3rd October, by Tom Williams in Conferences, Content Marketing. 2 Comments

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There are two main systems of thinking: inactive and active. You need breakthrough content to move from inactive into active thinking.

As you move to active content, you must consider the many variables:

  • Mobile: make it quick and easy to access
  • Social: make it cool to share
  • Multi-screen: make it work everywhere
  • B2B meets B2C: Make it entertaining
  • Content Inflation: Make it unique

Hand holding mobile smart phone


The newest trends in visual marketing can meet all of these variables if done well. Here’s a rundown:

Video: No one really knows how fast video is growing. In one year, non-desktop video viewing increased 6x. Of those videos, 80% were five minutes or less in length. The majority of videos that go viral on YouTube are paid to go viral. Companies will seed the video through advertising / premier placement.

Infographics: Fix the width and make it as long as you want. You can incorporate animated GIFs to add a little spark to the Infographics. With HTML5, more and more creative animations are coming out in infographics.

Comics: Utilizing this older content format, you can get a cool retro-feel for your content while playfully delivering your content in story format

Pinterest: The social pinning site has influenced how we design our websites. Many people retooled their blogs and setup microsites first but now there is a trend to retool entire websites.

Facebook: With all the stuff you can post on Facebook (links, images, videos, comments…) IMAGES ALWAYS WIN in engagement. The images show up over 2x larger than the thumbnail of the video. You can also take a screen capture of a site that you want to link to.

LinkedIn: The business networking site has gotten much better in recent years. Quick trick: when posting content on LinkedIn, there is a checkbox to also share the content on your Twitter account. LinkedIn will treat retweets as “shares” on LinkedIn which causes the information to rise to the top more quickly.

Vine: Telling simple stories with flip-book style movies enables easy sharing.

Special thanks to Todd Wheatland from Kelly Services. His presentation at Content Marketing World was the information source for this post on visual content marketing strategies.

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