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Search Engine Academy chooses Innoblogs as its business blogging software

Posted on 10th January, by Tom Williams in About InnoGage, Advanced Blogging, Press Releases, SEO, Writing for the web. No Comments

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One of the things we are very proud of at innogage is our business blogging software, innoblogs. About a year ago, we got a little nuts with our blogging software and our goal to crack the ROI nut. We developed a mantra at innogage called “Search and Convert”. In other words, any enhancements to our blogging software were immediately halted if they did not relate explicitly to Search Engine Optimization or Customer Conversion – the two pieces of the ROI puzzle in social media.

The result was a cool piece of technology called the Search Engine Optimizer inside Innoblogs that coaches non-technical / non-SEO writers during the blog creation process to ensure that blog posts are strategic and driving brand, as well as being optimized for the RIGHT keywords and phrases for SEO.

Because of our diligence to building a collaborative blogging tool that optimizes for Search Engines, we recently struck a partnership with The Search Engine Academy! The partnership between innogage and the Search Engine Academy represents to major things.

  1. A global group of SEO experts loves our business blogging software (innoblogs) so much they want to use it and recommend it to others
  2. innogage has access to the incredible SEO knowledge across a global team of SEO practitioners

As we continue to build more and better functionality into our innoblogs business blogging tool, it’s great to know the Search Engine Academy will be using our platform and assisting us as knowledge experts to help make our software even better.

Be sure to read the Press Release from Search Engine Academy!

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